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Yoga for Social Action: EqualitYoga for Gay Rights in Seattle

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We ask you, what’s more universal and unifying than Yoga? hello! It’s for every body!


Well, Genessa Krasnow has taken that to heart and decided Yoga would be the uniting force in rallying for Gay Rights in StonewallForty, the events series commemorating the 40th anniversary of Stonewall — the 1969 confrontation in Seattle that kicked off the nation’s gay rights movement.

Why yoga?

“Often when you go to rallies, you hear speakers, maybe you retain some information, maybe you feel inspired,” said Genessa Krasnow. “But when we do a practice together, we can focus our energy on creating an equal environment for all people.”

On June 27 Krasnow is hoping the environment of Carl Anderson Park will be filled with at least 1,000 equality-poised yoga-ready supporters.

“The question is, how do you create a resonant experience? And this is one way to create one,” Krasnow said.

It’s not only about being gay and proud, it’s about community pride and equality. Yoga’s as good a tool as any for that sort of thing, are we right? There’s also bowling.

Further Details:

Equalityoga to support StonewallForty, advocating for LGBT equality.
Carl Anderson Park, gates open 9am, yoga 10am-12pm

Yoga led by: The all-levels Yoga event is being led by local Emerald City yogs, Troy Lucero, Maygen McGraw and Matt Meko accompanied by musicians Gina Salá, Steve & Anne-Émilie Gold and friends.

Cost: StonewallForty asks for a $15 donation. Show up early or reserve your spot. Proceeds from all StonewallForty events go to Equal Rights Washington and Lambda Legal.


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