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[This Week in Yoga] Rainy Days Can’t Stop This Train

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nyc-thunderstorm-sunshinerainbow“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” Dolly Parton

Admittedly, this week was a lot less glamorous and paparazzi flashbulb-filled than last week — and seemed to be a lot more of blowing raspberries and sticking out our tongues in the general direction of life– but hey no stars in our eyes or clouds in the skies can stop this train! heh.

Here’s what happened This Week in Yoga:

-> At the top of the week we attempted a doctored lolcat caption with Kitty Yoga Protest and received no lolz, which in turn had us questioning our very purpose in life.

-> We also wondered which yogis out there actually participate in the mobile yoga trend, and sat perplexed by the “z” in Yogacardz iPhone App (which, by the way, we were informed is FREE this week for Father’s Day in the iTunes app store apparently. dunno if you need to prove you’re a daddy)

-> We were supremely pleased to present or very first YD guest post from the stellar Joelle Hann, who gave us the 411 on The State vs. NY Yogis: NY State Licensing Update: Yogis Unite! And also blessed us with a superb recap and collection of images from the NYC Guruji Memorial, which we were especially grateful for since we couldn’t make it.

-> We got a little too up close and personal with Janice Dickinson’s bowel blockages that even a surefire combo of prunes and yoga couldn’t fix.

-> Hope you’re preparing your resume t-shirts – Yogis (yuppies?) of all trades are yakking it up in yoga class hoping to make some connections and score a gig.

-> By the end of the week we saw some major showers of cuteness in the form of raccoon babies resulting in possibly a little sunshine happiness in an otherwise dreary gloomy week (for crying out loud!)

-> Then of course, we mentioned the union of yoga and social action. If you’re in Seattle and support equality mark your calendars for some EqualitYoga to benefit those who work hard for equal rights in the LGBT community.

So there you go! Enjoy the last few hours of dryness… we hear this weekend we’ll be back in the jungle with rain and t-storms…. except it’s cold, and there are no awesome multi-colored birds (only multi-colored radar maps. oof)

Oh! And Happy Father’s Day to all the daddy’s out there! If you’re upset that all the yoga studios put all their deals in Mom’s day basket we feel ya. If you’re in NYC and looking for something fun to do check out the ‘cheapies and freebies’ at yogadeals blog – even dads can enjoy (Including the Solstice Celebration in Times Square)

Get off your keister, have a great weekend! Here’s to sunshine wishes and clear sky dreams (because we can dream).

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