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NY Unemployed Work Networking Angles at Yoga Class

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New York Magazine’s Daily Intel blog points out how New Yorkers in particular are getting their pow wowing and elbow rubbing in at fairly “unconventional” locales, like in the park walking the dog, at Kinko’s printing resumes, and at the supposed sanctum of Yoga class. Interesting, though we kind of figure this happens all the time in the city.

Like for example, picture this: it’s pouring rain outside (hard to imagine we know), the trains and buses are ridiculously crowded and you’re soclose to the person next to you that you’re panicking trying to remember how well you brushed your teeth this morning. You’ve already become intimate, might as well strike up a commiseration conversation! So you get to talking and the dude is like, ‘hey you do that?’ And you’re like ‘hey you do this?’ And then you exchange cards, everyone’s happy, end of story. </dream sequence>

Oh yeah, happens all the time. But now with joblessness at an all-time high, the saturation of bods bobbing about mid-day has come to stifling levels, which we suppose could be an advantage to those ‘people persons’ with big mouths and functioning social skills. (We’re convinced everyone will one day soon be wandering around with their resumes plastered on their t-shirts. or like that preposterous old Cingular commercial with signal bars over everyone’s heads, only it’s work experience and special skills)

What were we talking about again? Right, here’s the bit about yoga class:

At her Pure Yoga class on the Upper East Side, Myra Scheer, a freelance beauty publicist who admits her client list has suffered from the economic downturn, says her workouts have become packed with more and more job seekers: “I’ve met editors, people in the nightclub business, comedians, executive assistants … and we talk before class or meet up after to come up with ways to help each other out.” Granted, after downward-dogging in your neighbor’s face, it’s easier to build a relationship.

Let’s just offer a side note that it’s nice editors, nightclub beeswax, comedians and exec. assistants are enjoying the benefits of a yoga practice. Also, worth noting is the dwindled jobs juxtaposed with bustling downtimers huffing and puffing at expensive gyms. Oh, NY.

Anyway, it sure does make sense these days to establish connections by any means possible. Or you could just be friendly to everyone, all the time. Maybe they can’t give you a fulltime job, but yoga classes for the ice cream man could get you a nice sundae some day. Or something like that. A free umbrella when it’s raining?

[NYMag’s Daily Intel]

fancy photo-illustration: Everett Bogue; Photo: iStockphoto

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