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Portable Yoga: iPhone Edition, “Yogacardz”

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With Nintendo now the undisputed guru in the realm of ‘yogatainment’ (including Wii and DS), you could say they’ve pretty much cornered the market on “interactive workouts.”

But what if you’re not in the comfort of your living room, all you have is your mobile phone, and are in desperate need of impromptu yoga instruction? It’s iPhone Apps to the rescue! So we guess.

yogacardz-goddessA new app called Yogacardz – 101 Yoga Poses was released last week. While we usually prefer our iPhone apps in the department of free (there are some pretty terrific ones) $.99 is still not a bad deal for some quick reference when it’s most needed – inevitably in a bar when you’re locked in a grapple with your mates over the contraindications of headstand. It’s ok, we’ve been there!

The above shot is one of the 101 poses from the app…we can’t say we see too much of “Goddess Pose” in our regular practice, but hey, why not?

yogacardz features:

– Works on both iPod Touch and iPhone.
– 101 yoga exercises, each with its own pose card
– Each card contains studio quality before and after pictures
– Detailed Step-by-step instructions, Information and Tips for each pose
– Search tab for all exercise content
– Random feature shake the iPhone to access 101 yoga cardz
– Includes a section on types of yoga.


Includes over a dozen practices (sequenced yoga exercise routines) with over 160 photographs, step-by-step text, and a customizable countdown timer.

Of course there are other yoga apps out there.. has anyone downloaded them?  We wonder, generally speaking, are they helpful? In the case of ‘Yogacardz’, would you trust a yoga app coming from the same dude who created ‘Sixpack App’ and ‘Bark Machine’? Honestly that ‘z’ kinda throws us off. ( they actually do note that 500 RYT yogis were consulted in the making).

Admittedly, it’s nice they introduce some restorative poses as well.


New iPhone apps. yay or nay?

[review in iphonecanada]

they have a website: yogacardz.com

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  • Jeff aka YogaGeoff

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before but it seems like these apps would be gone for one thing for sure: helping people learn the names of the poses. Great post.

  • Perfectly composed content material , appreciate it for information .

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