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[Blogging Yoga] Swoop With Svaroopa, Seated Yoga Tension Relievers (Happy Friday!)

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UPDATE: A reminder to bashful cube dwellers, the toilet is also a type of ‘chair’, ahem.

Time for Friday stretchies! It’s been a long harried week. Maybe you’ve built up some tension? If you’re anything like us, we’re going to assume yes.

And chances are you’ve been sitting in a chair, perhaps some of us for longer than others, like for maybe 8+ hours at a time? Yuck! YD pal and interwebs resident madame of Ayurveda, @Durgamaa of The Bliss Blog, shares with us some swooping Svaroopa action to work out the butt-numbing chairasana, and release the tension in your lower back, psoas and sciatica. And guess what, you don’t even have to get up, you can do it in your chair! Of course, you may want to get up and do the down dog, but if you don’t have the time or proper non-cubicly shaped environment (we sympathize), try these simple safe* stretches.

*Just be sure to back far enough away from your desk…coming back up can do a real number on your noggin if you’re too close! Just a warning.




Read more at The Bliss Blog for the next stage: Sacral Opening… in a chair!

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