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YogaDork in Yoga Journal Update: In Bloghonorable Company (Read the Article)


UPDATE: We’ve seen it! It’s a modest mention, but Mama’s so proud. And best yet, we are included amongst a pedigree of other awesome and noteworthy blogs (see full family shout outs below). To clear earlier confusion, the article is in the August issue (pgs 85-86 case you were wondering)- for some reason the YJ July issue is taking a savasana this year.

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Huge ginormous thanks to yogadeals who legworked it for these article shots!

Again, we’re super giddy and grateful for the recognition! Spose we could probably cancel those bodyguards though now, we guess. You know, like any publication relying on ads and subscriptions, the YJ Mag team approached the subject of blogs and the yoga interwebs with tepid and tender tiptoe – why would they want to steer readers away from the primary life stream? (you may have noticed not all mag articles are archived online). Still, they remain the mature, predominant elder, so we’re glad they’ve come around and shed light on the living breathing community we’re so proud to be a part of online.

And now we eagerly await the Yoga Journal YogiTwit List… we’re not holding our breath. </sarcasm>

FULL HONORABLE BLOGROLL (all recognized in the article):











Hey and YJ even got to plug their own blog.

Ones we think they missed: Linda’s Yoga JourneyEverything Yoga, Yoga Nation, Svasti and n00b It’s All Yoga, Baby

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  • That’s awesome! Congrats to all 🙂

  • admin

    updated… and Svasti 🙂

  • Kai

    Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the ground! I was curiously perusing the blogs you listed and couldn’t BELIEVE it when I saw my blog in there. IN YOGA JOURNAL?! I’m not nearly A-list enough for this!!! LOL

    Thanks for posting it, or I would have never known! Gonna go do my happy dance now. Squee!!!!

  • Congratulations! What a great accomplishment.

  • Awww, thanks YD! Hey, I made you a purty image (on my blog) to commemorate your success! 😉

  • Ain’t that something. And now that YogaDawg seems to morphing into ArtDawg of late….

    PS You have the wrong link for the site…:)

  • admin

    dammit! ok all fixed. sorry YogaDawg!

  • Wow! I’m flying high!

  • Thanks for getting the word out…now I need to figure out how best to be ruined by my new-found fame….

  • you’re damn right they missed me! that’s cuz I dis ’em!

    thanks for the plug! love ya!

  • Thanks for letting us know, I liked it.

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