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YogaDork in Yoga Journal! Our Public Debut

in YD News

honorable-mention-ribbon-ltblueydJumpin Jehosaphat! It was rough fending off the herds of yogarazzi this morning just trying to take our normally leisurely stroll for a cup of joe. Surely you’ll see us on the next episode of “Lifestyles of the Yog and Famous” ! … oh we kid. That isn’t even a real show!

Really though, you wouldn’t believe this if we told you, but we’re telling you anyway. Honestly, we don’t even know what happened it hit us so fast. It’s all a blur! (dramatic back of hand to woeful brow).

Seriously…ok we’ll tell you! Word has it we’ve been spotted in the latest issue of Yoga Journal, allegedly the August 2009 issue, but we have yet to see with our own eyes. All we have to go on is this shred of proof from the sleuthiest of gumshoes and all around fantastic yogs Ms. @Gypsy_Yogini, without whom we would still be in the cold damp corners of our modest yoga dwelldom.

Needless to say we are flattered and delighted at the mention/shout out in YJ, and that’s before even reading it! For all we know they could be telling everyone to steer clear of those snip snarkity YogaDorks. “Buyers Beware” It’s cool regardless. We’ll take the recognition.

Since we’ve yet to get our clammy hands on a copy of the Aug. issue and/or the “yoga blog” article, please keep your yogi radar set to YD and keep us posted if you see it! Thanks, and thanks so much for reading, for without the honorable YogaDorks visiting us daily, and breathing in what we have to offer, well, we’ d just be some loudmouthed yogitwerps with purple mat sheddings under our toenails.

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  • CONGRATS yogadorks!!
    I just renewed my Yoga Journal subscription so I’ll keep a lookout in the August edition.

  • i just posted it on my blog with a lil snippet about yogadork 🙂

  • You’ve hit the bigtime! Congrats!

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