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Yoga Union: Javier Bardem, Julia Roberts to Star in Film Version of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’

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javier-bardem-julia-roberts-eatprayloveQuick ladies! If you could choose any star to play you in a movie who would it be? How about Julia Roberts? Not too shabby! And your love interest? We’d take Javier Bardem any day!

Indeed, Elizabeth Gilbert‘s superly famous memoir ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is being adapted for the big screen, with real live Hollywood superstars, Oscar winners even! Already signed on is Julia Roberts, who will naturally play Elizabeth’s role, while Javier Bardem is in negotiations to sweep her off her feet as Felipe. No word as to whether or not Gilbert will get to reenact the moments with Bardem to show how it’s done. Hot.

Critics are already blasting the unforeseen lack of chemistry between the pair, but we wonder if they can’t pull it off. Shooting begins in July and will take place on location in NY, Italy, India and Indonesia (Bali) said Roberts last night on ‘Letterman’.

Richard Jenkins is also already signed on to play the Texan Gilbert pals up with at the Indian ashram.

Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck, Glee, ‘Running With Scissors’) will direct for Columbia Pictures. Producing is Brad Pitt’s co Plan B.

If you’re one of the like 5 people who haven’t read and drooled over the book, better get crackin! (you have til 2011)

Who Would You Cast?

ps. keep an eye out for hilariously awful headline puns.. surely more to come.

UPDATE: Gawker calls it the film adaptation of Eat, Pray, Spend a Lot of Money, Love, Moralize to Poorer Women About Going on Ashrams, Be Treated as Demigod by Oprah. whadya say to that yogisprouts?

‘Eat, Pray, Love’: Is a Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem pairing genius, or just plain crazy?
Javier Bardem to ‘Eat’ With Julia Roberts [Variety]

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  • Oh really? That book is kinda frippery at best. I can’t imagine it being made into a movie. Or rather, I can and wish it’d just stay as a book! I love Javier, he’s fantastic. Julia generally plays various versions of Julia, but ah, okay… if they have to make a movie about it… I ‘spose those two will be sort of alright. Tho, I think its a little beneath Javier, to be truthful.

  • Well, it can’t be any worse than the film version of He’s Just Not That Into You. If they can turn a self-help book into a (mediocre) film, then they can turn anything into a film.

    I gotta agree with Gawker’s renaming of the film. Perfect!

  • eeww.

  • Renee Dhillon

    Though I loved Elizabeth Gilbert’s witty prose in her book ” Eat, Pray, Love” , I was saddened to see her rest her leg on Lord Ganesha’s statue
    whilst cradling her dog in the picture posted by Ellen McCarthy in the Washington Post article from January 7th , 2010. After her retreat at a holy ashram in India, she should be aware how sacrilegious that is!
    Shame : )

  • KGF

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