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[caption] Boiled! Bikram Takes Heat Too Far, Lobster-Style

in Because It’s…, YD News

Hey! This one’s for the hot tamales!


[Above] Bikram demonstrates on a lobster his meticulous method of discovering what temperature was just too hot for yoga!

As we mentioned yesterday, Bikram blessed Boston with his presence, and decided, we guess, to make a time of it.

SPOTTED: “Yogi Bikram Choudhury dining on lobster with 50 of his hot-yoga devotees at North 26 at the Millennium Bostonian Hotel . . .” a modest meal obvs. what do you expect for the Yoga Don? clam chowda? pssht. [Boston Herald]

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  • Bikram looks pretty happy getting ready to boil that live lobster.

    ahimsa, baby!

  • kaul

    @Linda I don’t know of many things that are alive after their heads are removed. Take a closer look at the photo.

    I’m not trying to defend Mr. Choudhury, I’m just trying to point out the obvious mistake here in your comment. Perhaps the ahimsa message should be sent to the chef, not the yogi? Or even, perhaps to yourself and your wanting to do harm to Mr. Choudhury’s reputation? Ahimsa, baby!

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