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Nintendo Getting Wily With Wii Yoga and Pilates, “Interactive Workouts”

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wii-fit-plus-yogaWell, if Pay by Donation doesn’t work out… there’s always Wii. Or Wii Yoga, a big focus at this year’s E3 (that’s the big Electronic Entertainment Expo for you non nerdy types).

Of course WE know the Wii can’t replace a classroom setting, or even a well guided home practice, but our guess is it’ll be huge anyway! And does make for some sun family yogatainment if nothing else. It’s Wii Yoga (not what we already have in Wii Fit), which is a whole new Yoga-specific “interactive workout” we last yapped about at the end of March when more news broke that Nintendo would soon be bringing virtual Yoga to our living rooms.

Here’s an interesting gamers’ perspective preview from video game site IGN, from E3:

Set in a pleasantly rendered Buddhist temple, players can select any of the temple’s seven levels, each containing five yoga routines for a total of 49 yoga poses, plus a few yoga history lessons sprinkled in to enhance your harmony. Performing poses follows the standard exergame formula: stand on board, holding both Wii controllers, match and hold the on-screen patterns until you’ve perfected Downward Facing Dog.

Special attention is being paid to the yoga learning curve. Yoga newbies will be gently baby-stepped through simple exercises, while the hardcore yoga element can dive right into a muscle-torturing routine until their chakras are whipped into shape. Players can also program their own routines to increase difficulty over time, or simply to remain with the poses that best help them achieve karmic balance.

Graphically, let us merely say Yoga apparently prefers simplicity over dynamic lighting and high particle counts.

Yep, expect the ‘exergame’ to be intruding your living space this October 2009.

PS. For financial perspective, the cost of the Nintendo Wii system ($250) and the game (probably in the $20-40 range) is still a bargain compared to gym memberships.

Then of course add in the new Wii Fit Plus (also announced at E3), which extends the funtime activities to include six new training exercises, expanded yoga, fifteen new balance board mini-games, including juggling, skateboarding, and running events. Also launching are new capabilities for users to set up custom routines. (probably another 50 bucks).

One more neato addition is the Wiimote sensor that will detect pulse rates. You can watch the Wii Fit Plus trailer here.

All THAT and Yoga not enough? How about Daisy Fuentes Pilates?!

Video via  ThisIsBrandX.com

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