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Russell Simmons: Why He’s A Top YogiHipHopTwit to Follow

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We already have a little list going – Top YogiTwits to Follow – and now let’s all give a warm welcome to our first yogi celebster, @uncleRUSH.

He may not be the next Kavya Shivashankar (sp?) but we have to hand it to the guru of twisdom, YD buddy and renowned hippity hopper, Russ Simmons. When he’s not ‘congradating’ [sic] his ex-wife for making beautiful babies,unclerush-congradations-tweet he’s encouraging us all to ‘practice happiness!!’


OR graciously leading us tweet by tweet into meditation.


But…there are other great yogi tweeters’ you say. ‘Why are you focusing on the CelebriYogs?’ you cry. Because we feel like it! Honestly, in a celebrity-soaked culture we are dorkified by the fame-endowed who are not just marching around touting yoga in sound bites.

Also, after THIS, um, run-in with Bruno, uncleRUSH needs all the support he can get if he wants to keep encouraging the zen in Eminem.20090601_eminem_crotchface_560x315

photo MTV via Vulture

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  • kia

    I also love how he has been featured on Run’s House with a balance between the smart yogi and being a badass in the business world. That balance is not compartmentalized which I LOVE because it is real. Real like his supposed tantrum at the Ronson show this weekend and a few things on his twitter stream that had me stop following him a couple months ago. But I still respect him highly. All that makes him seem more human.

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