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Kings of Leon Get Their (Drunk) Yoga On

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Who says you can’t mix booze and yoga?! Not rock stars!

After last night’s Bruno/Eminem crotch-off at the MTV Movie Awards, we’re going to bet the Kings of Leon performance mayyy not be the lingering impression in everyone’s brains. However, we yogadorks lurve the southern gents and after these comments from the Followill boys we can’t help but want to pinch their little Tennesseean cheeks. or something like that.

Says bassist Jared to MTV regarding the big performance,“We prepare for everything the same kind of way,” Jared said. “You got to get in your own comfort zone, which involves drinking.”  Caleb chimed in “Or yoga.

Or, “drunken yoga” they supposedly added in their coy country style. Naturally! These guys are notorious for their keen fancy for the sauce, but obviously there’s a line to be drawn, “Don’t do it in front of girls,” Jared said. “Something may fall out.” heh.

Well we don’t normally condone this kind of behavior, being righteous yogis and all, ahem, but we’re wondering if those boys couldn’t use some proper instruction!…er uh, you know what we mean.

Watch Kings of Leon “Use Somebody” promo video on Youtube – because music labels don’t allow thieving civilians to embed videos.

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  • Hey these guys are the rock star sons of a defrocked pentecostal minister (or, three are–the other’s their cousin)–you think they’re gonna be conventional in their yoga?

  • admin

    haha…it’s true. and something tells me their yoga would be anything but conventional. -j

  • Cole

    Don’t they know the first rule of yoga?
    No drunken yoga! Especially on coffee tables.

    How do I know this, you may ask?
    Um, well… I read it in a book once.

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