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Mrs. Blagojevich Seeks Further Torture With Hot Yoga in Prep for ‘Celebrity’ Reality Show

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patti-rod-blagojevich-yoga-todayshow-quotes Like this woman’s fanny hasn’t already been planted on the hot coals, what with Illinois ex-Gov. Papa Blagojevich‘s scandalous federal fraud allegations. It’s simply not enough media attention! Patti Blago has turned to reality TV and will sacrifice her sweat glands for NBC’s “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” set down in the steamy jungles of Costa Rica, which airs starting Monday.

How did she prepare for the hellish safari? With “hot yoga” of course! In an interview yesterday for WLS Radio’s “Don Wade and Roma Morning Show” Mrs. Blag explained how “hot yoga” (yoga in a heated room) would help her to “acclimate myself to the high temperatures of the jungle.” Though if it’s heat she wanted she could probably just stick around for the court case! Or a sauna?

Anyway, good for her for seeking (hot)yoga, though Bikram is gonna be pissed.

Will you watch the show? It’s up to the public to vote on whether who stays and who goes. If Patti’s pulling out the jungle yoga we might just have to watch, mayybe vote (we won’t say which way). Sadly Rod couldn’t go himself (a judge banned him citing little things like conspiracy and fraud), but lucky for us his tufty bouffant will still be present in some way or another.

Hm, on second thought, have you seen the other contestants? It’s an all-star celebri-cast all right. The only stars (?) they’re actually advertising “among others” are “actors Stephen Baldwin and Spencer Pratt (that does say actor), wrestler Torrie Wilson, model Janice Dickinson, onetime American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar, retired NBA player John Salley and actress Heidi Montag (again, actress).”

Will this improve the Blago image by showing the “real” Patti? What about yoga?

Note to yogadork selves: When public image is smeared, go on reality TV! What’s the worst that could happen?!


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