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Extreme Yoga: 61-Year-Old Guru BMX Balances on Bike, 300ft Up!

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Holy cannoli!


We’re not going to say this guy is nuts.. but ah, whoo boy that is some crazy stuff.

Seriously, just looking at these photos is scaring the bejeebers out of us. Khiv Raj Gurjar has been a student of yoga since the age of 13, but he’s always had a thirst for the extreme – so don’t worry, he’s been dangling on cliffs for years! Now at 61-years old Gurjar practices his “Extreme Yoga” performing balance stunts, on a bike, on cliffs… as in a death-defying 300ft. in the air!

Here’s what the awesomely senior yogi says about his breathtaking lifestyle:

‘From my childhood I was passionate to do things which are extraordinary and look very dangerous,’ says Khiv.

‘I tried magic, learned acrobatics, yoga, did cycling, played football.

‘As I grew into my twenties I found combining yoga and cycling stunts would be something very unconventional, but also deeply challenging.’

Presently able to perform up to 36 individual yoga poses on his bike, adventure enthusiast Khiv does his yoga exercises for one hour every day.

‘I practise and exercise every day of the year,’ explains the yoga master.

‘This is enough time for me as I have been doing this since my childhood and I am very good at it.’


We’ll say! And for 61, Guru BMX just sticks to his childlike sense of adventure:

‘For me, it is like when children get excited about something that they do not have any reason for,’ explains Khiv.

‘That is the case with me. I am crazy about performing it. And as it is dangerous so much the better.’

A natural athlete, Khiv has represented his country at a national level as a cyclist and even competed in his country’s national football league.

‘I like adventures and I actively search for those that can suffice my appetite,’ Khiv says.

‘In addition to my yoga and cycling I do acrobatics, bodybuilding, football, mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing.’

We are exhausted just reading that. Cheers, Mr. Gurjar, you are one of the real rock stars.

[Daily Mail UK]


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  • Personally, I like my cycling and yoga to not overlap… like, I’ll ride to yoga but I draw the line at asana on the bike! Then again, I doubt I’d be doing it on the edge of a cliff either. I might sit there in lotus and enjoy the view though!

    Mr. Gurjar is just a little bit awesome though, isn’t he?

  • Dean Potter: another xtreme yogi seen at the prana blog: http://www.prana.com/blog/

    Yoga is so endless-it is life itself!

  • Avtar Singh

    Khivraj Gurjar visited the UK in the summer of 2008, stayed with us for my daughters wedding. While he was staying with us we learnt many things about his life style. The ways he kept fit by doing yoga and going jogging in the mornings and a very healthy diet, which we have adapted to and has made a changes in our life. Khivraj performed some yoga excises on the bike before our guest and family, they were so surprised as to what he could do.
    I am very pleased that he has been recognized for his achievements, l know when l was speaking to him he would love to attend any charity events the might be held anywhere in the world.
    I wish him well and success in what he enjoying doing.

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