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[Blogging Yoga] Support Free Retreats for Wounded Troops

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When we’re not snarky sassypants, we yogadorks do have a heart (take note recent commenters, sheesh), and do believe in focusing on the good people of the world, every once in a while. In an age of economic turmoil, wars we may sometimes forget we’re involved in, and other atrocities of this great green Earth, there really are a few heroes who work hard to balance it out with positivity. florian-villa-yoga-sunset

Take for example, a special Caribbean getaway on the island of St. John that donates free yoga retreats for wounded soldiers. We’ve mentioned the Florian Villa (Yoga Retreat Center) once before, but a recent elephant journal post reminded us of their great work.

Co-owner Deborah Bernstein writes of the center’s latest visit from 6 wounded soldiers, one of whom proved doctors wrong and found the strength to walk after shattering his spine and pelvis in a parachuting accident. SCUBA certification brought the soldiers to the Virgin Islands. Thanks to Deborah, yoga brought Major Kelly peace of mind:

It didn’t matter what brand of mat he was lying on, what “type” of yoga he did, or whether he was wearing the latest men’s shorts style for practicing yoga in the Caribbean.  In fact, it didn’t matter that the weather was 78 and sunny and that there was a beautiful view of St. Thomas and the deep blue water.

What did matter was that Major Kelley, who served our country for 13 years, opened his mind…and that his body and his mind (he later told me) felt complete….for just a few moments during that yoga practice.

Read more of this short story at elephant journal and keep up with Deborah on her blog.

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Or help raise the funds and buy a ‘Yoga Patriot’ t-shirt

*All proceeds go towards providing free retreats for wounded troops and families of fallen firefighters*

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