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This Week in Yoga: A Yoga King Memorial

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thisweekinyoga-51809This week started out on a somber note. On Monday, the yoga world mourned the loss of a great light, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, at age 93. We expressed our extreme gratitude for Guruji, adding to the chorus of many other voices offering love and kind words.

As for the rest of the week, well…

We found a new Hippy-Yoga TV show for kids. But, it’s only in the UK. bollocks!

But no worries, Rejoice! There is no more BEEF between Eminem and Yoga! Seeking rehab ‘Slim’ found a new, healthy, practice of his own. And even 50 Cent chimed in, saying he may even give it a try when he’s rich enough to hang out all day with his leg behind his head in a room full of beaitiful people! For now though he’s just going to watch Russell Simmons do it.

And then we bowed  (curtsied?) to what the NY Times decided to deem our new ‘Yoga King‘: His Highness Vinnie Marino, with a “benign cult” following everyone seems to be getting upset about on the HuffPo.

And that’s pretty much what happened this week in yoga…unless you wanna count Ogden’s weakness for Taco Bell burritos.

And so, already Memorial Day is upon us. Have a happy and healthy unofficial kick-off to the summer weekend! And in between suntanning, barbecuing and slurps of brew, don’t forget to remember those for whom we are so grateful and proud, our fallen patriots in the military and the passing of great luminaries. RIP Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Namaste.

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