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[Because It’s Friday!] Ogden Loves Taco Bell! (Inappropriate Yoga Guy Turns Burrito-munching Best Man!)

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Is there an IMDB for advertisements we don’t know about? IADB? Come on, who’s the slacker?

Anyway, there we were last night snarfing our guilty pleasures (chocolate and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ – premiere!) when all of a sudden we see Ogden! But he’s not, the ‘Inappropriate Yoga Guy‘, he’s the Inappropriate Burrito-eating Best Man! In an ad for Taco Bell! We weren’t sure at first, but the sweatband clinched it. Oh and the ad entails the groomsmen (one of which is ‘Ogden’) ruining a wedding with their sweaty red faces due to the extreme heat of a new TB burrito. hot. (the commercial has yet to surface on Youtube…sleuths keep us posted)

You tell us… Is it Ogden or some other sweaty dude?


here’s another one for funsies.


His real name is Avi Rothman, and sadly, he’s an actor (sorry yoginis!). He’s got lots of other videos floating around on Youtube and FunnyorDie.com

NSFY (not safe for yoga) NSFW people!

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  • LOL – ok i just have to say SYTYCD is the best reality tv show ever!! Better than American Idol! I couldn’t believe the catlady with sabers (some ppl just want their 15 min of fame)… but soo glad they showcased some real talents like Katee’s ex-roommate Natalie Reed and that guy Brandon!

    And I think I missed the Taco Bell commercial cuz I probably tivo’ed right through it!

  • Only Ogden can turn ‘Namaste’ into a dirty pick up line (see episode 2)

  • Emily

    Sadly, he isn’t. I speak from personal experience of my very own local inappropriate yoga guy!

  • Emily

    Sadly, he isn’t the only one to turn namaste into a dirty pick up line. I speak from personal experience of my very own local inappropriate yoga guy!

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