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Waybuloo: New UK TV Show Teaches “Hippy” Yoga, “Mesmerizes” Toddlers

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waybulooAre we turning kids to robotic blobs with a steady diet of mind-numbing TV and dull-inducing video games? Some UK “educationalists” think so, and the programmers at the BBC agree: emotions must be embraced!  So they’ve culled a secret weapon to teach us all a lesson.

They’re already calling it the next Teletubbies: New children’s TV show, Waybuloo, aims to unlock the layers of imagination and emotional development by encouraging at-home participation in yoga exercises and hugs to find happiness, also known on the show as “buloo.”

From the BBC Press Machine:

‘Waybuloo is not just a series, it’s a philosophy for a happy life.’ It claims that the Piplings embody a range of emotions including love, wisdom, happiness and harmony and ‘personify positive emotion’ by floating.

Says Sarah Colclough, of children’s channel CBeebies:

In each show you learn about friendship, co-operation and citizenship. ‘The heart of the programme is about encouraging children to be happy. ‘We were looking for a concept that would bring together that elusive notion of children’s emotions. It is an extremely distinctive programme in that way.’

‘Waybuloo’ had its big small screen debut Tuesday on CBeebies. Not sure when/if US kidlets will be blessed with the “hippy’ TV treatment, but if it blows up overseas you can bet your free-lovin’ behind on syndication (or copycats). By the way, those fuzzy little muffins up top are the “Piplings,” featuring, in no particular order of importance – Lau Lau (imagination-purple), De Li (love-pink), Nok Tok (wisdom-blue) and Yo Jojo (happiness-monkey).

Through these characters, their travels and interactions with live kids on the show, lessons can be learned on how to float get in touch with your feelings.

yojojo_waybulooOMG what hippies! (we are sarcastic). Kids, (and parents) do try this at home.

how can you not love this little one –>

Yoga Moms and Dads, we don’t have mini yoga dorks running around, is there any yoga-like kids programming on US TV? (We can’t imagine it’s this cute.)

[DailyMail UK]

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  • This T.V progamme for kiddies is an indoctrination of the New Age Religion, which parents are blinded to, preparing them for the incoming one world religion. Parents need to wake up and do their home work.

  • Nat

    I fully agree with the previous poster, this show gives me the willies. Complete new age indoctrination and very eastern religion inspired, with some meditation and yoga mixed in. This show is evil and I don’t let my kids see it. It feels like an open invitation to Satan into your home… subtle to some but look into it..

  • jade

    It’s people like you two that are the matter with this world, scared of any other religion other than your own.. sorry not scared, AGAINST!. and always making everything out to be about religion IT’S A KIDS TV PROGRAMME FOR FUCK SAKE !!! GET A GRIP …it’s about time they brought out a programme that involves exercise. so you can let your child sit watching mind numbing non imaginative bullshit piling on the pounds while you sit rattling your beads and worrying about satan. YOU DISGUST ME!

  • This is in reply to Jade, NOBODY is against children doing exercise, I have older children who watched TV when they were young and none of them are over weight its about food intake. If this kiddies show is just about exercise, why show the following.
    1. Sun dial for sunworship
    2.Crystals for crystal healing
    3.They also had a table in one series covered with a cloth with a flag of the sun hanging above the table and a vase of flowers placed upon it, made to look like an alter, yet again more sun worship.
    4. Toy creatures which levitate in the air.
    We as parents have a duty to protect our children, by investigating and doing our research. Mysticism, esoteric teachings have its roots deep in BABYLONIAN SUN WORSHIP. Ignorance is understandable but FOWL LANGUAGE and sticking ones head in the sand is far worse for a child than the imaginary beads a simpleton believes I possess.

  • jade

    As i said before , this is a kids tv programme nothing more than a colourful enjoyable programme for kids to watch .. i believe that you lot are looking into this too much, basically scouring the arse out of every programme that comes on TV.and let me just say the fowl language is reserved for shallow minded idiots like yourselves, and there is nothing wrong with a child learning a little bit about other religions, infact it’s a great idea maybe children will be less likely to discriminate against other religions. so as for me being ignorant i think you should have a closer look at yourself and the fact you know all about the sun worshiping, crystal healing as you put is is nothing but a simple windchime on a sun dial and the fact that you noticed the table and the flag i’m gathering you have sat and watched every episode just so you can get on your high horse and make stupid complaints against a completely harmless kids programme. Anyhow how about you put your complaint forward to the BBC like I’m sure the havn,t properly vetted this programme you idiot.

  • Concerned Parent

    I saw this program today for the first time and it gave me the creeps.

    It came across as early stages introduction to Eastern forms of religion to me, however I have not researched fully or watched any further episodes to confirm.

    As a parent I take it as my responsibility to guide my children, and kids programs with this ‘New Age’ ‘Eastern Religion’ type of feel are not something I am willing to expose them to.

    I find it disappointing that these types of programs so easily make their way to free to air programming.

  • All I can say is, there’s alot out there which is disguised as harmful and innocent. But you have to think about it, who was it that brought this New Age philosophy to our shores in the 1920’s?
    Go research Madame Helena Blavatsky on YouTube or google and you will find this that this evil woman is its founder, and those who followed in her footsteps founded the Lucis Trust, originally known as the luciferian trust, these are the spiritual advisors to the UN. Our children are being subjected to occultic practices and mind control within their own homes and yes this is a form of worship especially when these poor children sit in their meditative position,and its not the god of the bible they are worshiping either. Parents need to wake up to whats going on around them right now.

  • Jade

    Oh dear me I wonder if your children will be as narrow minded as you lot, infact I don’t need to wonder I already know they will be, and as I said before people like you are what is wrong with this world today. Its disgusting, and the bible you speak of is jam packed full of contradictions and the most despicable evil and racism as the link below will show you so if this is what you are bringing your children up to believe in then shame on you maybe YOU should ” take your head out of the sand” sit down and re-read it, let me just say if there is a god you are proof of his poor design

  • Concerned Parent

    Two comments I make to that web page Jade:

    1) People have been pulling quotes from the bible for centuries and misquoting them. If you would like to learn about the bible, then it might also help to learn about Biblical hermeneutics which in a nutshell are about the way to read scripture in a balanced way without pulling scriptures out of their context. See here for an overview: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biblical_hermeneutics Cults and many false religions commonly misquote the bible.

    2) See some inspirational scriptures: http://www.inspirational-quotations.com/Bible-quotes.html

    Can I ask you a question? Is Osama Bin Laden like a boyscout? Your website author seems to think so…. http://www.evilbible.com/ (first paragraph). He or she is clearly twisted.

  • Jade

    Such a christian response, so blind, so naive, so stupid, luckily for me I never had religion forced upon me and luckily for my daughter too that i wont bring her up and fill her head with such drivvel, she will grow up knowing that you need scientific proof before you believe in anything, because after all science doesn’t lie. It maybe that “some” quotes have been changed to suit the webpage but I am making a point that you are all hypocrites, you won’t let your child watch Waybuloo but you will force a religion on them that as i said is filled with contradictions and inconsistancies and please face it, more fiction that fact. Waybuloo gives you the willies yet you believe and make your children believe in.. creating this world in 6 days and resting on the 7th, “creating” Adam and Eve,Noahs Ark ( fitting all 10 billion species into one boat and placing them in their righful place on this earth,10 plagues ( the 10th one of course was killing the egyptian first born child), curing the sick (the blind see, the deaf hear, the cripples walk), walking on water, 10 commandments, parting of the sea, the burning bush, the immaculate conception. You use the bible as a moral code, for moral behavior and thought yet it advocates cruelty, predjudice, superstition and murder, dont throw out some of the rules because you don’t like them .. hypocrite!!!!!! you’re not smart and you’re not clever
    ^^^^^^^^^^that there my dear is a false religion^^^^^^^^^
    the damn bible is nothing more than mythical story telling, at least sun worshippers worship something that is real something you can see .. it’s right there!!!!! so the lot of you can keep your preaching for other idiots that believe in the gumph thats written in the bible and leave Waybuloo for us normal people

  • Jade

    Oh and the answer to your question! Is Osama Bin Laden like a boyscout?
    A: compared to the god you believe in YES!

  • Michele

    As a qualified yoga instructor of children and adults I thought you may all like to know that yoga is not actually a religion, it is a way of life for some and a way of exercising and relaxation for others. As a Christian a parant and a practicing yogini I feel that parents need to take a light hearted view on what seems to be a very harmless TV show that encourages good morals and teaches exercise in a fun way at an age that is important to instill good values to grow up with and in an age where child obesity in on an increase; to encourage exercise in any form at such an impressionable age can only be a good thing.

  • Jade

    Finely put michele. This show is completely harmless unless of course you are a nut case that looks far too deeply into everything and when you think about it, your children wont see past the bright characters and the calming music.


  • Ignorance is bliss, but only for so long..

  • Jade

    Well christians would know all about that.

  • naomi

    I think that this is another program that shudnt have been made, i wont let my children watch it at the end of the day if people cant understand that your children are being brain washed in there own home and i wouldnt believe anything scientists tell you there are told what to say an do just like our children are and there is prof for that look at children today (pregnant at 16) they show condon adverts showing you it ok and there is other things you can use to make it easier i have wached waybloo 2 much now an in 1 of the episodes on top of that little hut is a triangle with an eye in it an with the things i believe in that is prof enough maybe 2 understand me more go 2 utube an wach the arrivals from part 1 believe me wach it all an you will understand

  • Naomi, so glad that your wise enough to see the infiltration of pagan worship, cant believe you saw a pyramid with an eye, see slow indoctrination, thats all thats needed. Heres a brilliant one to watch
    Megiddo II – Part 17\17 – The New Age
    Its about time people know the truth of the darkness which is preying on our children.

  • jade

    And none of you have brainwashed your child, into believing the utter garbage in the bible, that there is a god and anything other than that god is evil?, and guaranteed none of you dimwits have actually sat and read the bible, but just as you are doing to your own children, your parents did to you, I do pity you lot and i feel so sorry for your kids, bringing them up with the fear of a god that doesn’t exist. Naomi maybe you should worry less about a kids TV programme and start worrying about your spelling it is diabolical. Now! as for your comment on science and scientists, wow, I never new one person could be so thick, also kids pregnant at 16 has nothing to do with any kids tv programme never mind waybuloo thats down to bad parenting, but certainly not down to kids tv programmes, and to be honest if you think thats the connection, you need sectioned. You insufferable idiots are too blind to see YOU have brain washed your children, you have filled their head with nonsense duping them into believing mythical stories, and therefor taking advantage of your position as a parent, of course your child will believe you, they trust you. and what do you do, you turn your own kids into drones, not even giving them a chance of choosing for themselves what they want to believe in (when they are old enough to see sense) YOU!! are the ones doing the brainwashing end of. So now how about you go sit and scour all the TV channels looking for your next complaint, hypocrites.

  • Jade,
    Is this what your so called spirituality teaches you, to degrade and mock others because their English isn’t on par with your own? As for reading the bible, I have studied it most of my life, despite my parents not being religious. Do you enjoy bullying just to get your point across? You see unlike your New Age Paganism, the scriptures teach us to love even our enemies, not just to perform Yoga and Reiki for profit, but to be moved out of love to help our fellow man. You can believe what you like, but biblical prophesy is being fulfilled as I speak. Earth Quakes in one place after another, increase of lawlessness and false Christs like your Maitreya, and a new world order are already in place. But you sit there and ignore the sun god symbolism and let these manipulators brainwash your child while they pay homage to these deities. Here watch this Youtube video about it

  • naomi

    look it makes no differance in how i spell my son is a happy child he goes out an does things with his parents not like some they get put infront of the tv to watch crap that dont benifit them i was not brought up with religion from my parents ok an im not a christian im a muslim i believe in the quran not the bible an you are the brain washed one you are a perfect model of wot you are you do as your told by goverment an media also telling your children that there is no god is not giving them choose my son is not pushed into anything i just dnt want my son to watch crap that he dont need its not like he dont have happiness in his life how can you call me a hypocrite you the one telling us that god dont exsit an that this a that are bullshit but you live in a bubble an people like you are perfect at what they are an i dont think its bad parenting why kids have kids i was 17 when i had my son a my parents were great so how dare you say that as i sed my son dont need shity tv 2 be happy u may but he dont u are the confused 1s not us

  • naomi

    also wen they start doing the movments they are sex positions u neeed 2 look a little closer than just seeing eveything in black an white (jade) an 2 u there may no be any proof of god but i believe in god more each day i believed more in god when i read your statments because the quran an the bible both tell us that will will come across people like u i dont expect u 2 believe me but u will some day when it comes.

  • naomi

    an if u read the qurn first or the bible before u dis them and insult people u will find science and fact an proof but u cant just look at the suface coz thats what u people do get a few things pick them out an dis them but u dont know shit 2 do that so if you can take in information properly than watch the arrivals it has 50 parts but if u watch it all properly then it will answer all ur question ok but i strongly feel u wont but if u know u can prove us wrong u have nothing 2 loose

  • naomi

    quran *

  • If you notice Waybuloo seems to be a toddlers TV programme, but to demonstrate the exercises their using kids of around 5 and 6 years old.
    The creatures speak like they have a speech impediment, apart from trying to balance on one leg, bending over backwards and trying to sit in the lotus position, what does it teach? It seems to be trying to captivate the minds of older children as they are perhaps more inclines to try the exercises, but on the contrary, all its doing is numbing down the minds of young people instead of teaching them accurate speech and intelligence. What a sad world this has become Telly Tubbies, Night Garden and this crap.
    At least back in the day the children where taught how to pronounce words and form sentences, now its a complete brain washing child minder, while mum does the cooking or chats with her friends. Parents really need to look at these concepts a little deeper and ask themselves what are their children learning.

  • jade

    You two really make me laugh especially the comment about sex positions haha, me being a bully, and the fact you go on about there being a dark side. Your heads are so jam packed full of rubbish I literally sat here and had a chuckle. You carry on believing in what you believe in there is nothing in this world that will make any of you people see sense, and yes it does make a difference wether you can spell or not, you’d rather your child grow up to be as thick as 2 short planks but thats fine .. as long as his head is filled with as much nonsense as yours, believeing in something that is not there .. get your priorities sorted out missy take your nose out of the bible and start teaching your kids something that really matters .. both of you are filthy hypocrites and terrible mothers. sort yourselves out, tut.

  • jade

    You two are vile!

  • My children are grown up so telly sitting isnt a problem of mine. As for vile, filthy hyprocrites, if your judgement and condemnation of others is anything to go by, you give the perfect example of why disresptful children of today learn bad behaviour and manners, it definately stems from what they see and hear at home.

  • naomi

    my child is clever and is top class for everything so chat all u like missy who do u think ur talking 2 as i sed my son is not put infront of the tv because his parents take time into doing thing with him so lets think about whos the betta parent and as i sed im not christian im muslim so i might not be able 2 spell well but u cant read 2 gud either an i laught every time i read ur replys because i cant believe how blind you are to the world around u so u laugh now but i promise u wont have the last one

  • Ainran

    Hey all.

    I’m just going to throw my two cents in here quickly.

    1. Waybuloo teaches our children NOTHING. It clearly has influences of Eastern culture and of different religious symbols (crystals, meditation, sun worship, etc) but it’s teaching nothing at all about them. I’m very interested in teaching my daughter about different religions and cultures, but the way these symbols and rituals are all mish-mashed together without any kind of actual teaching going on is nothing short of creepy.

    As a Catholic (albeit lapsed) I certainly would understand, if there was a programme on television that showed children making the sign of the cross and having that veiled as “exercise”, if parents out there became very upset with the veiled symbolism and ritual of that. Fact is, I don’t mind my kid learning about other religions and cultures so long as that is what it is: clear, intelligent education. Not this shadowed wishy-washy creepiness.

    2. Jade…oh, honey. You’re clearly not going to listen to sense and you obviously just love to cut other people down because it makes you feel good, but if you’re going to knock about criticizing others for their spelling, you’d best make sure yours is perfect. I could have gone through your posts with a red pen and run out of ink. Not to mention, a few capitals and the proper use of punctuation would have made your criticism a little more believable. Don’t preach tolerance when you yourself are an intolerant bully. Don’t preach the proper use of English when you yourself use it with mediocrity at best.

    That’s all. Have a great day, everyone.

  • BoyoLee

    Just my two cents worth, Too..

    Waybuloo may teach our children “nothing”, but it is a form of entertainment – not all programs need to be educational – these things are learned from parents (probably not so much you, Naomi) and school. Educational TV is definitely a good thing, but not every program has to be for that – why Can’t they just watch a program to enjoy? Also, if children these days have a bit of exercise while watching a program – good!!

    New age spiritualism, Catholicism, Judaeism, Christianity, Muslim, Buddhist – I believe in none of these… why do we need religion to tell us how to live? All I believe in is good people, bad people, and the many shades of gray inbetween. I treat others how I would like myself to be treated, and don’t need the bible, Quaran or otherwise to tell me what to believe and how to live.

    If, indeed, waybuloo is a devious method of indoctrining children for spiritualism, then good!!

  • BoyoLee

    Just my two cents worth, Too..

    Waybuloo may teach our children “nothing”, but it is a form of entertainment – not all programs need to be educational – these things are learned from parents (probably not so much you, Naomi) and school. Educational TV is definitely a good thing, but not every program has to be for that – why Can’t they just watch a program to enjoy? Also, if children these days have a bit of exercise while watching a program – good!!

    New age spiritualism, Catholicism, Judaeism, Christianity, Muslim, Buddhist – I believe in none of these… why do we need religion to tell us how to live? All I believe in is good people, bad people, and the many shades of gray inbetween. I treat others how I would like myself to be treated, and don’t need the bible, Quaran or otherwise to tell me what to believe and how to live. And yes, I am an atheist – I’m a humanist.

    If, indeed, waybuloo is a devious method of indoctrination of children for spiritualism, then how is that any different from the direct indoctrination of the god channel on sky?!

    Science is what I believe in – things that can be proven or disproved – real things. Not a story like the bible. Not sun worship (though, as Jade mentioned – the sun is a real thing that provides us with the energy the planet needs to sustain life – not something made up, so why not worship it for its life giving properties, if you want to worship anything?!).

    Sounds like the religious people on this comments board (nearly all of them) need to have help, and see outside their extremely limited world.

  • BoyoLee

    apologies, posted 1st comments without finishing by accident.

  • You have a good point Boyolee, but if you do not believe the doctrine of the New Age or Buddhism how can you know of the dangers? you say you believe in science, but you cant see electricity only what electricity produces, you cannot see the wind but you know it exists because you feel it. I look around me and see a lot of evil and wicked manipulation from the bottom to the top of society. Yes it exists and the Bible tells us why it exists, it was also written 2000 years ago that the earth was round and hung upon nothing, way before columbus sailed the world. I believe because I have experienced what exists on the otherside of our third dimention. So you dont believe poltergeists or spirits exist either? Do you think its a figment of Hollywoods imagination? Im telling you from what I have learnt that Waybuloo is Sun Worship, do you remember the Aztecs, they use to rip hearts out as part of their Sun Worship when the child was alive, is this all just simple equations and scientific calculations I really dont think so.

  • BoyoLee


    I don’t care what the doctrine is of new age or buddhism, just as much as I don’t care about the doctrines of christianity or Islam – they all have their bad points – religion has caused so many wars. I am not easily led, and I think that whatever your beliefs, you shouldn’t explicitly impose them on your children – act neutrally with them, but let them know what you think – when they are old enough, they will make up their own minds – having children beleive in god depending upon your own religion is, I think, simply a way of brainwashing.

    I have seen electricity many times – I’ve seen lightning, I’ve seen a fuse short, I’ve seen hair stand on end next to a balloon charged with static electricity. That is irrelevent, though – it can still be measured even if invisible – wind using an anenometer, electricity using an ammeter and other devices. As long as it can be measured and quantified, it is there.

    Evil is how you are brought up to see things. If someone is brought up in a severly religios household, they will see many things as evil – some religion see abortions as evil, and contraception evil too. Some religions simply believe that if you don’t believe in what they believe in, then you at least go to hell – at most you should die (not exclusive – but giving Jihad – holy war – as an example.). You don’t need religion to let you know if what you do is wrong. Simply treating people how you would like to be treated yourself is enough. You will always get people in a society that are despicable humans. The Bible doesn’t tell us why it exists – evil exists just because some people are like that – the bible just makes up a story to attempt to explain it (wrongly). The Bible is a work of fiction.

    Regarding Aztecs and the sun worship – ripping hearts out of live sacrifices – I know all about that – but the world is a different place now – we have science, and why would sacrifices be started again?

    Regarding your poltergeist/afterlife question…

    I, once, had an experience where I saw a “ghost” – I woke up in bed, paralysed, with a strange forboding sensation over me – then I saw a dark “shadow” walk around the side of the bed, I heard a humming noise (and felt nauseous with it), the bed started vibrating, and as the shadow drew parallel with my head at the top of the bed, it disapeered, the sensations stopped, and I felf fine.

    I researched into it, and it turns out it was a “night terror” – very scary, very intense – but if you look into night terrors, there is a very logical explanation.

    I would like nothing more to be proven wrong about life after death, but it will never happen – when you die, it feels exactly like before you were born – nothing.

    I have had a look on other websites after my comment earlier – and some christian forums about the waybuloo issue are just scary… they don’t want their children to know about anything other than christianity – they are imposing their own beliefs on they children at the most influential times of their lifes..

  • BoyoLee

    also, shikinah, using hollywood and ghosts/poltergeists in the same sentence discredits that – hollywood exists to make films and money. so, what hollywood says is true? transformers – that must’ve happened!! Grease – that must be true too!! Exorcist…. wow!! As for antichrist, I don’t even want to broach that subject with you!! CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS – honestly, that happened in real life. Wrong.

  • So you think abortion is right? did you know that scientists have said the chances of the world coming about by chance is like a jumbo jet exploding and coming together again as an aircraft, which is practicly impossible, which means there must have been a creator. Your belief excuses everything down to science, but where did science come from? it didnt create itself. By who’s standards do you judge despicable your own? another mans meat is another mans poison. So do humanists have an answer to the wars and killings, old age and death? There are many which have their own moral code, who think they are doing right in their own eyes. Politicitians believe they can do wonders, but in 6000 years they have have failed in their attempts of peace. Yes science is a wonderful thing, but the creator of it, the master mind behind it is to be hailed, not the creation itself, this is where you are so wrong in your ideas.

  • Oh and by the way, my children follow their own path, actually they are nolonger children but adults.

  • BoyoLee

    OK, please can you show me where you get the info you have? Who said the statstics about the Jumbo jet? Yes, the odds were tiny, but it happened. The creator was Physics. also, do I think abortion is right? depends upon the circumstances of the pregnancy – if it is a child who will die of starvation after birth, or will end up being neglected or killed by their parents due to how their parents are – yes, definitely – I would rather see a child not suffer.
    A lot of humanists know the cause of so many wars – religion. So much war is caused by people not believing what others do. It is a lot more peaceful these days than the days of old….
    Politicians haven’t existed for 6000 years…. politicians are quite recent in the term you use.

    Tell me – show me – how I am wrong in my beliefs – you fail to answer most of my questions I have asked – so, answer those from my past posts properly instead of cherry picking things to reply to, and if you can change my mind…. well done you.

    For a start, please reply to my 2nd and 3rd paragraphs in my 1st post.


  • BoyoLee

    I already knew your children were grown up – I actually read the posts I reply to. But just because they are grown uo now, doesn’t mean you have not imposed your beliefs upon them when they were young – which I reckon you did – you took them to church and had them say grace, yes?

  • I did not answer all your questions as I suffer with ME and my mind gets exhausted as well s my body. Im not trying to convert you and I didnt actually say that the plane had actually been put back together, it was a scientific theory I once read about. I never kept the details as it seemed quite logical to me. The reason I said your wrong is that you judge something you do not know, you condem the Bible when you have neither read it or understand it. I understand why you probably dont believe in religion, as it seems to be the root cause of many wars. But Jesus taught “though shalt not kill” and there has and still is many christians who live by the word of god and do not go to war, many of these individuals were killed in the concentration camps for this very reason. The Bible is no normal book, it was written by over 40 different men spreading over thousands of years, most not knowing each other, but each book speaks of the prophesies in the later books which were to come, and speaks of the rise and fall of the world powers and predicts the empire who will rule in the last days, no science can prove this because its was guided by gods holy spirit. Your experience that you went through while in your bed was a demonic experience, they are the fallen or renegade angels who left gods heavenly realm, I have experienced far worse, this is why through my 20 odd years of research I have seen the common thread which binds spiritism and the occult along with infiltrated christian teachings. May I also say the leaders of the UN are right now bringing about a one world religion, where im sure your glad to know christianity will not exist. The UN religious advisors are the LUCIS TRUST, formerly known as the Luciferian trust, obviously they changed the name as it was too obvious. If these world leaders and leading scientists believe in bringing about a luciferian Christ doesnt this tell you theres more going on than what you are lead to believe? Heres an account from a young girl you may or may not find interesting http://www.alienresistance.org/ce4testimony8.htm
    No I never brought my four children to any church as I ws searching for the truth.

  • naomi

    look yeah u dont even know me boyolee an u havent got a clue about me or my children so i dont know how u can say anything as i have already said my child is happy clever an does do things for fun i spend time with my child i dont sit him infront of the tv like some because they cant be bothered with them… also as i sed u believe in the sun coz its there haha so u are that narrow minded that u only see whats in front of ur face thats sad i couldnt live like that…

  • BoyoLee


    I reckon we’ll just have to agree to disagree – people feel so strongly that their thoughts and ideas cannot be swayed either way – you with Christianty and the belief in God – me with atheism and not believing in things that can’t physically be proven (and believe me, I, myself studied Parapsychology and researched the occult hoping to find evidence of something different – though I didn’t). We could be arguing back and forth for days.

    Naomi…. you embarrass yourself. Hope you learn a bit of maturity to pass onto your clever child.

  • @BoyoLee,
    I agree that some people need physical proof, and I have experienced this hence my passion for what I believe.
    But very soon EVERYONE will get this proof, as we start to move into a new phase which the Earth will witness, its already started with the collapse of Iceland, Greece and the collapse of America while the west start to become third world nations. A global order is being put into place, and the increase of ufo sightings and exposing of religion will be part of this agenda. Theres an oldWwest Indian saying “those who wont hear must feel”
    I pray all will take heed of the signs which are around us, so that we are not caught off guard when this false “peace and security” is declared by the UN and then tribulation ensnares like a theif in the night.


  • D.A

    Hi there,

    Just writing to say that I have stopped my 5-month old watching waybaloo due to one main reason.
    I could be wrong but I am not willing to take the risk with my child’s well-being.
    It does have new age elements to it and although they are very subtle, they could very well work on her subconscious mind.

  • Good for you D.A
    It came on accidently on my TV when my grandson was with me, and my mother said what a strange programme of kids, she said the music and feel of it was very erie.

  • Julith

    D.A., why would you let a 5-month old watch television at all? Have you not read that doctors don’t recommend tv for kids under 2 years?

  • Holly

    I think It’s revolting that all your complaints are based on how It visually looks like a religion worship/practice and references to Eastern religion.

    Do you really think that in this day and age It’s best to keep your child shielded and mind warped to your beliefs. Will that really produce a well rounded mature level headed child able to be assertive in every situation with every culture.

    You should all stop being so concerned, blind and afraid. You won’t let your child practice some exercise moves that embrace acknowledging there souls. Yet It’s okay that they have pre packaged lunches in the stores that are 1500 calories in 1 meal and the meat is riddled with hormones that the animals are fed…yet this is terrible ? It’s okay to play video game’s where people for points are killed, raped and tortured..yet this isn’t okay ?

    Open your eyes.

  • boyolee

    Erm… all complaints?!

    I never said any such thing in my complaints, which were actually towards the hardcore christians putting their “absolute knowledge” of “how the world works” based upon a fictional story upon other people.

    “Souls” – if there is such a thing, which I think most probably not, how does exercise put you in touch with your “soul”? You are saying the exact same things that religious zealots say on this forum, but changing the aim behind what they say.

    Packaged lunches in “stores” with 1500 calories in one meal?! are you talking a bing mac meal, with 2 extra burgers? You aren’t specific in what you claim these 1500 calorie meals are. Meat riddled with hormones? So are teenagers…. so is it unnatural?!

    Video games where people are killed, raped, tortured for points.. games where killing occurs – yes, loads of them – raped for points? Never seen a game where this happens for points.. tortured? never seen a game with that in, either.

    Best learn the fact before talking crap on a forum.

  • Laugh out Loud

    OOOH Boyolee! Good for you for commenting about “Jade’s” hideous grammar. I see the uneducated “Jade” hasn’t posted again since you took him on.
    I got quite the giggle reading your comment 😉 nice going.

  • Shikinah

    I suggest all of you who have an interest in Yoga and the New Age Religion, do your research first on the origin of these practices. Here is an excellent video its part of a series, if you get time I suggest you watch all of them. As the scriptures say “know the truth and the truth shall set you free”

  • leeboyo

    Laugh out load – I actually agreed with Jade’s comments – it was “naomi” that I laughed at.

    Shikinah, As the scriptures say “know the truth and the truth shall set you free” – so, not trying to be nasty, according to the “truth” as you say – i.e. believe in god… has it set you free from ME? If “god” is good and all that crap, why, one of his most fervent supporters, you – haven’t been miraculously cured by him, after all the effort into him you have put?

    ‘cos it’s all crap, that’s why.

  • laugh out loud

    Leeboyo, I never said anything about what ‘jade’ said. I merely was laughing at the fact that he is correcting other
    people’s spelling and grammar, yet he made many mistakes himself.

  • leeboyo

    I think “he” is a she… anyway, the level of crap grammar compared to Jade’s on some of the posts makes your point a moot one. You must be one of the hardcore religious ones then, trying to pull me up on not whinging about Jade’s grammar….. it isn’t what she/he typed… it made perfect sense to me. What about Naomi, then? care to pass comment about her crap grammar?

    You commented upon me for not saying anything about Jade’s Grammar.. so the point is?!

  • laugh out loud

    Leeboyo, nice freak-out over nothing!
    You’re probably Jade under another name lol
    My point was that if he’s going to pick on others fo their grammar errors, he should atleast make sure his is correct. My other point was that I did not mention how I feel about his comments, so you are totally just assuming I don’t agree with him.
    Picking on their grammar was really kind of juvenile… And off topic. Naomi’s grammar? Why would I make fun of her grammar if my whole point is how lame and immature it is to pick at someone’s spelling….

  • leeboyo

    Freak out? Nah, not freaking out at all. I’ve been sat here typing all along with a smirk on my face. A mischeivious smirk, non-the-less!

    No, don’t know who Jade is, so not the same person.

    Does make me laugh when you come onto the topic basically complaining at me for not having a go at other people who have rubbish grammar, when in fact I used her lack of grammar to push the point across that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about – muslim, and can’t spell Qur’an. Same as a hardcore Christain not being able to spell Bible.

    You a Friend of Naomi, then?

    Well done, anyway, for your brilliantly insightful thoughts into the discussion on the board… your carer must be proud!

  • laugh out loud

    Awwwww, I really do feel sorry for you. You sound like a very bitter person. 🙁 wish I knew how to cheer you up!

    Was fun chatting with you. I think discussions like these are great to stimulate the mind!

    Unfortunately I really don’t have time to sit around and keep responding to your low blows… I have a life.

    Wish you all the best!
    Ciao! 🙂

  • Shikinah

    What I posted wasn’t for anyone in particular, as this thread was about the influence of yoga through childrens tv, I felt it would be helpful to make available a documentry on the subject. I am set free as I know the hidden agenda. Being free from you is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

  • Gemma

    What is the big deal? All religion has good and bad! All religions are up against each other! What people have time to turn everything into a debate,have you nothing else to do? Are you so shallow you feel the need to bring everything back to religion? Everything including kids tv? Shame on you! Each to their own I suppose so ……IF YOU DONT LIKE IT,DONT WATCH IT! For some people,me being one of those people,call me ignorant but it’s harmless,yes if you want to delve there maybe a few elements of religion in there but it’s hardly going to do any damage to my toddler,he will learn new things and excersize.Come on it’s hardly Osama Bin Laden recruiting is it!

    As for brainless idiots that have nothing else to do but sit picking faults then I really pity your children,yes this post will piss you off cos it’s not what you want to hear and are obviously the bias type,but for posting this my life will not be spent worrying that ‘ god will strike me down ‘ for this! Get a life and grow up.MORONS!

  • leeboyo

    I actually argued against some of the initial posters on this board who were going on about the program “waybaloo” being anti-religious, and to show my anger about children being stopped watching harmless programs by overzealous, religious parents.

  • Gemma

    Hey leeboyo!

    My post isn’t meant for the sane of us that can actually see past religion and have a normal life! Just for the weak beings that can’t get through a day without scrutiny and deflecting there sad little lifes on such a thing!

    X x X. ; o )

  • boyolee

    In that case then Gemma – cheers! ; )

  • alba

    I see waybuloo this morning and i love it!
    Someone con take photos of yojojo to me?

  • jade

    God been appearing on any more slices of toast or naan breads recently ?

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