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No Beef: Eminem Finds Yoga on Path to ‘Relapse’; 50 Cent Will Try When He’s ‘Really Really Rich’

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eminem-bailoutMany might remember talented rapster Eminem as a pale-skinned misanthropic, oft homophobic, misogynistic, Moby-bashing grump*. Well, lovelies, that was the old Marshall Mathers, before Rehab. Before he found Yoga, on his path to ‘Relapse‘… er something like that.

Yes the very same 8-Miler who’s been known for his keen habit of slinging some other choice four-letter words, has come to the light side. For realz. Apparently Mr. Mathers’ got into the routine of popping sleeping pills, a main topic on his new album, and an addiction he’s since replaced with yoga.

Could E have been yoga-ing for years in secret?! There was chatter way back in 2003 that perhaps the shady one had attempted the downward dog, but of course those rumors were quickly squashed by reps. Heaven forbid.

But yoga is cool now! Even 50 Cent is doing it! Kinda. The video below shows Fifty at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival (in his Vitamin Water House, mind you) rapping on about doing yoga with Russell Simmons, or more accurately, having enough money to wrap your leg around your head in a room full of beautiful girls. (5:14 mark)

“When I get really really rich, I’m gonna do nothing but put my leg behind my head. When you get that kind of money Russell got you do nothing all day but put legs behind your head with other really beautiful people. Like a room full of beautiful models, and you just sit there and you put your leg behind your head and go ‘look I can do it too’ “

Ah. mmhm. Well, we’re just glad the image of Yoga has advanced from bald-headed ambient softies (no offense Moby– we’re still fans).

And there is no more BEEF between Yoga and Rapperville! right? Shout out to our main yoga dawg Russ Simmons.


*adjectives expressed are of collected opinion from internet, etc. and not reflective of all yogadorks.

video via rashaentertainment.com

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  • Yogacharya

    You’re quite a good writer, I must say. I like your way of approaching the subject of yoga … and I’m sure there must some good messages in there somewhere too :O)

    Director, International Yogalayam
    Editor, The Yoga News

  • Again, love it 🙂 E is a fave of mine and if I think that he is laying down a good yoga vibe too I might respect him even more. 🙂 How is that for a mom of two and a teacher?! Don’tcha wish I was yours…? lol

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