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[Blogging Yoga] Enlightenment Meets Inebriation: Booze Before Yoga Class?

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Here’s a fun one! On this Wednesday afternoon – as we’re pining for Friday to get here already! – comes the eternal question of the (happy) hour,

“To booze or not to booze before yoga class?”

“Asanas on Ice” wrote in to Chow.com with the query, requesting an ethical/health check on pre-yoga buzz form

A couple times recently, I have gone to my evening yoga class after having drinks with friends. I admit that I may have been a little buzzed. Is it bad form to go to yoga while under the influence? —Asanas on Ice

Citing yoga and wine retreats as an example of enlightenment meets inebriation, CHOW ethicist in residence, Helena, responds with a sobering and logical, mm…duh. As if balancing and focus wasn’t tough already, you can imagine alcohol will not enhance your abilities to stand on one foot (or two) and NOT crash into your neighboring yogsters! Plus, try inverting after cocktails and see how that hits you. (actually don’t. no good, no matter how big your beer muscles).

Though a little teensy weensy sip of the sauce won’t alter your practice too much, it’s advised that if you’re out with your mates slamming down the 2-for-1 specials, it’s probably best you just keep on chugging. Or so says YD pal Les Leventhal, “Everything is yoga for me on or off the mat, so if you are out having a good time with friends, let that be your practice.”

That sounds about right, and certainly has us yogadorks feeling a little less guilty about opting for leavening via libations sometimes. Yogini Martinis anyone? After yoga of course.

Stoner? The same could go for you, though that’s another topic entirely.


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  • personally I like drinking DURING yoga class. a little pinot noir before savasana.

    OK, I’m kidding. really. although I used to teach at a studio where the owner would walk into my classes and workshops drunk. big problem!

  • admin

    Haa..Linda you always crack me up! Though wine just before savasana might be the most opportune of moments – would surely hit you right between the eyes. that and any other mind-altering substance. ahem.
    glad you got out of the booze-toting owner situation…that’s too bad.

  • Back in grad school, I would sometimes go to a gym after attending a reading or talk by a visiting scholar. Since the only reason I went to those events was so that I could get a free dinner of wine and cheese, that meant I’d be going to the gym with at least a few glasses of red in me. This, as it turned out, wasn’t a good thing, as I’d inevitably end up pushing myself too hard, as I was, quite literally “feeling no pain.” No doubt, if I went to yoga class soused, I’d probably try to force my legs around the back of my neck and end up in the hospital…so no booze before yoga for me….

  • Katy

    Follow the scriptures: it’s not the booze you want before yoga: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.meditation/msg/de49de8a1f128057?pli=1

  • In India you see the Shiva babas smoking chillums all the time.

  • admin

    Katyhey now! thank you for clearing, or should I say, clouding that up. nice of you to offer a “toke”en of knowledge… “weed”ing through the scriptures.
    heh. oh I’ve got more 😉

  • meredith

    For me no booze, before, during or after– anything including Yoga. 🙂

  • Rock My Soles

    Hold on to your mats.. I don’t and have not had a drink before yoga……………..thinking………… at least don’t remember ever having a drink before class. For me it is a mind body balance not a altered mind body balance.
    As usual a very interesting subject Yoga Dork

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