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Hot Deal: Bikram Yoga Institute Offers Free Yoga to Destitute (Unemployed, First-Timers Only Please)

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Hot under the collar about being laid off? Burned out on job search?

If you live in Scottsdale, AZ, that’s understandable, it’s going to be 100 degrees today! But, if you’re thirsty for stress relief, out of a job, and really in need of that extra sizzle, by like 10 degrees, stop on by the Bikram Yoga Institute, they’ll hook you up with 5 free classes. As a way of “giving back” to the community, the BYI of Scottsdale is providing some Recession Yoga relief for those out of work. We’re not sure what they ask for to prove unemployment, but something tells us it doesn’t really matter, because the deal’s exclusively for noobs. Of course, the catch! Yes, it’s for BYI virgins only. Still, it’s a nice gesture and maybe 5 classes will be just enough to suck you in get you back on your feet again!

– Lost Your Job? Find Your SELF: Starting May 10, 5 Free classes to anyone currently unemployed and brand NEW to the BYI

“It’s a way of taking those stresses and unraveling them,” said [owner Andrea] Griego. “We want you to be strong, get you back on your feet, feel good about yourself, so that you can go out and find that perfect position for yourself.”

And what about employed Bikram hopefuls? Still full price for you. Though efforts applauded, we’d like to see a little pay by donation action on the Bikram front – after all, that guy is all about taking care of his “people” right? Surely he could donate a Rolex to each studio to make up any lacking funds. [ABC15]

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  • alli

    that’s pretty cool. and thanks yogadork for your reply on my bikram question awhile back!
    After my 8 day intro special..i went back a month later and got a monthly unlimited. today was my first day back and i struggled a lot more than i did when i first went which surprised me because i thought i would be better..? even though i know each day is different. I actually almost blacked out and had to lay down 3 or 4 times. My instructor said it may have been b/c i wasn’t breathing in b/w my poses but i think i might have been dehydrated also. it was just weird for me b/c i’ve never felt this way in the past.

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