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SHOCK: Lululemon To Open Yoga Studios in Major Cities: NY, LA, SF?

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lululemon-yoga-studio-greatnessAhh! Did you just have a coronary? We did! Don’t freak out though, it’s not real! (sorry) Well, not exactly. Yet. But…What If?

For now the Lulu-run Yoga Studio lives only as a pipe dream wished up by the conspiring minds at perfunctory PR firm JS2, who decided it was just OK to toy with our hearts and rattle our little nerves because they thought it would be very cool if Lululemon expanded into a national yoga studio since it is such a trusted brand with a strong company philosophy and aesthetic.” For crying out loud, what are you trying to do to us!?

Oh sure, some of you are thinking “what’s the big deal?” and “the retail stores are already sprouting up everywhere like Starbucks, so who cares?” or “they offer free classes now, so why not make it official?” But People, how much greatness can we handle?! This isn’t just fun and games.

While Lulu Yoga is only a a premeditation for the fateful day “if it ever came to fruition” and primarily a JS2 major kiss up campaign (they’re PR pros, duh!), we can’t guarantee this hasn’t wet the taste buds of Chippy and the rest of lulu lollieland (not to mention the thirsting investors). If it made sense for a “growth portfolio” we’re sure it’d be up for consideration and in the pipeline by next year. With the market still hiccuping and sputtering along, is this the boost the lulus need? Crap. Eh, no worries, we’re probably safe as long as sports retail is still profitable. Besides it’s a bit cannibalistic, like if McDonald’s decided to open a blood pressure clinic at each location.

So whether you’re already pining for the $90 butt-enhancing yoga class (oy) or if you shudder at the thought, let us share the PR dream plan, after which you may resume your drooling/squirming, yogis choice.

Here’s what the plotting brains at JS2 came up with:

Guerrilla Marketing

  • Have a branded mobile yoga flat bed truck in each market. The truck will park in front of a large office building around lunch time and offer free mini yoga tutorials, using the flat bed truck as a stage.

Simultaneous launch in all three cities

  • Coordinate group yoga pose freeze with people wearing lululemon branded yoga wear in big public parks in each of the three cities all on the same day and exact time.
  • Host free public yoga session in the parks of all three cities to encourage people to sign up for memberships and learn more about the lululemon studios and classes

  • Timed communal meditation and/or Om chant
  • Held at major parks in yoga studio markets (i.e. Central Park, Golden Gate Park and Griffith Park)
  • ‘Moonlight meditation’ – 9pm PT/ 12pm ET

Green Event

  • Urban gardening – planting trees (urban gardening to turn into a long term relationship within in all communities LA, NY & SF since food health is such an important aspect of the yoga practice)
  • NYC – partner with MillionTreesNYC.com program

Hey, and maybe Obama and the First Family can lead the classes!!


If you’re sad, at least this wasn’t conceived by the lulu meanies who came up with the cruel April Fools prank.

[via JS2Comm blog]

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  • Hey, I dig that it is cool to poke LuLuLemon. Guess what? They are the only store or website that has had yoga clothes that fit my body at 6’1″ and 230 lbs. Let the other so called yoga clothes purveyors sell pants and shirts that regular people can wear, then throw all the stones you like. Until then, Lululemon is the only game in town and the rest of you are just JEALOUS! (Sticks out tongue). So there!

  • LOL…

    nyah nyah!

    Well I know Karma clothing is actually still Canadian (unlike Lulu) and sells clothing that is actually made in Canada (unlike Lulu) and their clothing fits my fiance who is a “regular” person.

    Have you tried them?

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