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Lily Allen: Bikram Brit, Dedicated Boozer Still

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lily-allen-leotardNow for your Celebriyogi News! More Brit-tastic…

British songstress, Lily Allen, most known for her sassy lip and keen affection for the drink (and her music we suppose) has joined Team Yoga. Once referring to herself as “fat and ugly” on her Myspace blog, Lily has successfully shed some extra poundage with the help of the glamor-machine’s favorite yoga style, Bikram, which it’s claimed, Ms. Allen practices twice a week. To her credit the new trimmer silhouette has banked Lils a Chanel modeling campaign – for Karl Lagerfeld handbags. At least Lily can rest assured the saddlebags will remain out of the picture (zing!).

Don’t get too upset about Lily going all skinny Hollywood on us, she’d like to confirm she is, indeed, still a booze hound. Go on, sister.

And now you may return to your regularly scheduled yog-gramming… [DailyStarUK]

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  • Anonymous

    Once again! this is a contradiction of what can be found on video tape. Only when asked, Lily Allen said drinking in (”’Moderation is o.k. as long as it doesn’t get out of hand)

  • Anonymous

    Lily Allen is said to drink 3 glasses of wine (only) but that is not every performance. This statement comes directly from her.

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