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Happy Day After ‘World Laughter Day’! Also Known As “If We Didn’t Laugh, We’d Cry”

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Here’s a question for you, is World Laughter Day still funny the day after?

As the NY Daily News points out there’s much to NOT laugh about: like recession, swine flu, and RAIN. Good grief!

But even stone-faced NYers made their way out to crack a smile and a few ribs in Central Park yesterday for the annual international festival of giggles, World Laughter Day. Who knew? For those locked in the cave of jolly-lessness, the Laughter Yoga Movement has been in motion since the mid-90’s when Mumbai native Dr. Madan Kataria started promoting the belly jiggling for good health. Dr. Chuckles, aka the ‘Guru of Giggling’ (London Times), conducts ongoing studies to prove the benefits of laughter on the physiological and psychological layers, and tours around preaching the concept. Now it’s a business!

In Central Park, people streamed in to gather together and get their jollies on, despite hardship or present negativity:

For two hours, the group convulsed with laughter, ignoring trivial problems like the economic crisis or the flu pandemic.

In fact, Kathleen Maguire said a good case of the ha-ha’s can even help you beat any dreaded disease.

“When you do laughter yoga, your immune system builds up,” said Maguire, 56.

Maguire, originally from Madison, N.J., and her husband recently drove back east from California after he lost his job.

“We laughed the whole way here,” she said.

Hey we Yoga Dorks get it, and often need our own laughter yoga breaks every now and then. To be honest we had no idea this momentous occasion was upon us, so of course we totally missed out! But, we’re happy to report, we participated in the celebration anyway – we laughed AT LEAST five times yesterday! with maybe even a few chuckles and guffaws thrown in. Heck we probably even laughed this morning! And to tell the truth we feel better already.

World Laughter Day “World Peace Through Laughter”

Dr. Madan Kataria’s Laughter Yoga Movement (you can also catch him mid-laughter in yoga doc Enlighten Up!)

Photo cred: Paresh Gandhi

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  • Yo – Yoga Dorks! I found you because of this post about World Laughter Day.

    I head to San Francisco in two weeks to become a Laughter Yoga Leader (I am already a CYT).

    The world needs more laughter, more joy and more playfulness.

    Don’t let the economy, the rain or swine flu get you down….Giggle On!

    Peace, Namaste and Giggles from Wilmington, DE!

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