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[Bits of the Day] First Grandma Brings Yoga to White House?; Skinny Chef’s Yoga for Cooks

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michelle-obama-marian-robinsonFirst Grandma Brings Yoga To White House: First Lady Michelle’s Mama, the grand Marian Robinson, has finally made the move to White House living, but not without a fight! And lament for her Chi-town yoga class.

[President Obama’s Mother-in-law] moved into the White House “kicking and screaming,” said her son, Craig Robinson. She had never lived outside of Chicago and was reluctant to leave her beloved bungalow, her friends and family, her weekly yoga class and her familiar routines.

Now after 3 months of enjoying the swinging Wash DC social scene, she’s much happier, and we imagine has already found herself a presidential grade yoga replacement. Could Ms. Marian have been the one to suggest special Easter yoga for the kiddies? Thankfully now we have confirmation that at least ONE of the First Family practices. Can’t wait for the Marian Lulu Ad. [NYTimes]

ifucantstandtheheatYoga and cooking: a match made for epicurean bliss? Jennifer Iserloh, the “Skinny Chef“, is on a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle for her culinary colleagues, those who are often so busy cooking and tasting their delicious creations that fitness gets pushed to the back burner. Her method of choice? Yoga.

“What I like about yoga is it’s able to combat some of the joint and muscle issues [chefs] have” from standing for long periods and engaging in repetitive, stressful movements such as filleting fish or flipping vegetables in a saute pan for hours, she said. Ms. Iserloh has even designed a yoga routine for chefs that she teaches to friends in the restaurant community.

Some chefs might even say cooking is their yoga, but aching wrists and tired backs may beg to differ. Besides, it’s not all peaceful meditation – kitchens are stressful! Especially if you own your own business. Cheers to Ms. Yoga Chef (congrats on your new name) for making yoga a palatable option to the gourmet gormandizers.


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