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Twitter for Yoga: Top Ten YogiTwits You Should Follow

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yogadork-twitter-profile1We humans sure do like our lists! And why not? They help us organize and make sense of all the information thrown in our faces on a daily basis. The internets only compound that by 500 million! And how can you possibly navigate the unfathomable depths of Twitter without some assistance? So confusing! Which is why we are particularly proud to present to you the Top 10 Yoga Twitter Tweeters, according to the ever life-improving elephant journal, with contributions from yours truly. ele have graciously adorned us with the #1 spot, which has us all redintheface and aw-shucksing with humility and gratitude. A must follow btw, @elephantjournal was named one of Top 10 Green Tweeters to Follow !

And here you are, the Top Ten Yoga Twitter Tweeters to Follow:

1. @yogadork has got to be number one—they’re fun, personal, care and know about yoga.

2. Yogadork likes @YogaHeals

3. I like @yoga_journal, obvious but strong twitterer.

Yogadork’s other faves are:

4. @davekennedy

5. @yogabear

6. @lotuspad

7. @presentjoyoga

8. @aredlotus

9. @IntegralHack

10. @yogitechchick

Spinal Tap Honorary Number Eleven: @gaiam

disagree? has someone been overlooked and you’re ready to plotz all over twitterland? Take a deep breath yogitwits, add your suggestions!

(fyi: try and stop us at 10. we have additions, of course, and are considering a supplemental Top 25 to help get the yogaball rolling for the twitter yogcurious. suggestions welcome in comments.)

Life is a flow of love; your participation is requested.

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