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Yoga FTW: Bikram Teacher, Cupcake-Eating Master!

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*Apr 25 - 00:05*

Can’t say we’re not jealous – 17 cupcakes?? Of course the “5 minutes” part doesn’t sound quite as appetizing.

This past Saturday was the first annual Ivy Bakery cupcake-eating contest. The prize? $75, and a tummy ache! And you’ll never guess who won! Nancy Cummings, a Bay Ridge Bikram Yoga teacher pounded her 17th cupcake in the 5 minute limit for the win, and title of the sweatiest AND the fastest mini-cake gorger in Brooklyn! Beating out her opponent by just one cupcake, Cummings attributes her chocolate inhaling abilities to yoga, of course!

“I am disciplined and focused and I can digest them faster,” said the slender 31-year-old brunette from Bay Ridge, who dipped each little chocolate cake into a glass of water before shoving it whole into her mouth.

We’re not sure if 5 minutes is enough to digest 17 cupcakes, but surely Ms. Nancy deserves the prize, leaving the 4 loser competitors to eat her crumbs. Or barf.

[NY Daily News]

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  • Hey there, nope, I don’t think much digestion was taking place in those 5 minutes, but I really do think the yoga helped with my recovery! It was pretty painful for the rest of the day (and yes, I did take a yoga class to help speed things along) but I woke up on Sunday morning feeling almost-normal!

  • Yoga + Cupcakes = A Wonderful Day!

    Just for kicks I think that I am going to see if I can eat 17 cupcakes in 5 minutes. What is that equivalent to…one regular cake? Oh my…I may not be able to stomach it!

  • But can she do it in camel pose? haha

    j/k Great job!

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