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Former First Lady Endorses Iyengar: Yoga Should Be Practiced In Every Russian Home

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iyengar-blogging-russian-hat-thumbWe mentioned BKS Iyengar’s return to Russia this week, 20 years after his first visit in 1989. Needless to say, much has changed in the icy region over the past 2 decades, but we’re not sure even the “lion” himself expected such a warm reception. Earlier this week, at an event attended by a host of Russian celebrities (really) and other hoity-toities, Mr Iyengar received this stately endorsement from former First Lady Naina Yeltsina:

“I have been practicing yoga for last two years. I think it is indispensable for people above 50. It would be good if it was practiced in every Russian home.

Not bad! Who knew Russia was so yogic? And, Naina Yeltsina, 77 (!) was first introduced to the yog by her 49-year-old daughter, Tatiana who only discovered the practice 4 years ago and has since been a staunch supporter. Commenting on the growing number of aspiring Russian yogi comrades,

“Young people in Russia are very conscious about a healthy life style and yoga is the key to the physical and mental harmony,” Ms. Tatiana noted.

Did we mention this is Russia? Anyone know if Laura Bush is downdogging it on the ranch? heh.


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  • Wow…in a recent blog post I referred to myself as the “Vladimir Putin of yoga”…and now I’m wondering if Vladimir Putin might be the Vladimir Putin of yoga….

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