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Earth to Earthlings: Make it a Happy Earth Day! Tomorrow Too

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Happy Earth Day! Yay! The one day a year when we can gather together and try and save Earth, our one and only home, which we endeavor to destroy the other 364 days of the year! Wait.. that doesn’t sound right.

Iearthdayt’s true, we are terrible careless humans abusing our mother Earth every day. Alas, we can also be compassionate and considerate Earthlings who really do care about making a difference in the world (and planet). Right?

So unless you’re hoping to turn into a sloth-like spine-less blob forced to live on a floating spacecraft a la Wall-E , we really ought to do our part to clean up our act. (though, admittedly, those hover chairs were pretty cool). It’s kinda about responsibility you know? And perhaps caring about someone(s) other than yourself.

Want to help out? The best ideas we heard are really the most basic and obvious:  plant something, start a compost bin, eat less, go veg, conserve water, electricity, or  (our fave) quit smoking!

Don’t have the time, or plot of land to plow, but perhaps you have all that nuisancey paper lying around also referred to as cash money? Try contributing to an organization like The Willie Smits’ Masarang Foundation, Plantabillion.org, or ReplantingtheRainforests.org.

Do some googling.

Because all we can’t wait for inhabitation of Gliese 581 d! (“super-Earth”!)

Oh and if you weren’t aware, it’s also Administrative Professionals Day. So share the love all around today mmkay?

We can all be yogis – leaving things better than how we found them.

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