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CNN: Doga, or the Terrorists Have Already Won

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“Between layoffs, threats of terrorism, and tainted dog food, the world can be a stressful place for you and your four-legged friends.” [Hard nosed CNN reporter]


Oh you’re kidding. CNN, always with the staunchest coverage of the most pressing and vital news stories, has finally sicked its investigative team on the Doga case. Leave it to a major news corporation to get to to the bottom of this, Scooby!

Says Doga instructor, Kari Harendorf, “It’s actually been proven scientifically, that just the simple act of petting a dog will release happy hormones in humans.”

That’s sweet. But call us crazy, you could probably do that at home for free, no?

Further observations by CNN’s news hound: “She [owner] carries Sophie [dog] around in a Louis Vuitton bag that’s bigger than my apartment.”

We don’t really feel the need to comment further. Watch the video if you wish. [CNN]

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