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[blogging yoga] Russell Simmons Confirms Why 90 Percent of Yoga Community Voted Obama

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We all know Russell Simmons, right? Our favorite Celebriyogi! A hippity-hopper to the stars, you may have noticed Russell is of the political activism persuasion as well. Yoga Journal‘s Buzz Blog alerted us to Mr. Simmons’ latest freedom of speech demonstration on a politico.com podcast, where he makes up suggests that “[Obama]’s an inspiration to the whole yoga community” adding,  “I’m sure they voted 90 percent for him.”

Needless to say this has been cause for some heated responses ranging from avid supporters of Hope, to the other 10%, to righteous yogs who point out Obama’s oft preferred practice: smoking cigarettes.  Of course we love the idea of Obama being a yogi, as much as the next Canadian. But we can hardly make him such. As one wise commenter pointed out, there are many paths. Obama still chose the one of a politician. gross! (jk, even the baby-kissers have proven yoga is for everyone).

The favorite comment award goes to Rajendar Menen for this shiny gem:

“Yes, without yoga it is impossible to do justice to such a high office. Without yoga he will crack up. Yes, President Obama is a yogi!”

And there you have it. Mystery solved!

ps. commenters on politico.com are not so pleasant.

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  • My understanding is that he’s trying to quit smoking cigarettes…which means that, like most yogis, he’s trying, if not always succeeding, to be healthier…..

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