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[This Week In Yoga] Going Mainstream

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Man alive we thought we’d never make it to Friday! But we did! Through Tax Day, teabagging and all! And now the glorious sunshine has arrived to light our way into the weekend (and maybe clear away the allergy clouds formed in our sinuses! oof)

This week Yoga went mainstream: in pop culture, sports, and uh.. urine?

Here’s what happened this week in Yoga…

  • According to TV producers, yoga’s so cool it made the premiere of  “According to Jim.”
  • Baseballer Russell Martin helped lead the LA Dodgers to Yoga Spring Training!
  • We learned about anti gravity yoga, and dreamed about being the next Yogi Cosmonaut!
  • Then we realized we will probably be unemployed and demoted to finding levity in a “special” class called “Yoga for the Unemployed.” bah.
  • And we may be joined by fellow yoga therapists if they’re offed by those blimey “medical professionals” who’ve finally decided yoga is helpful. Psychotherapists Probe Mind-Body Relationship
  • Do you own a yoga studio in Michigan? Not so fast. License and Registration Please.
  • Of course the big squeezer story this week was the perverted Seattle Pee Scandal. Mainstream indeed. Have we ever peed on our mats? Depends 😉

Closing drips…

BKS Iyengar’s Going to Russia!

Canada’s Iggy is a Yogi! Lulus can leave Obama alone!

Don’t forget to make like it’s already summer and get your free ebook “My Other Car Is A Yoga Mat” by guru of funny, Beth Lapides.

Happy endings and golden (sun)showers to all! Have a pleasant weekend.

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