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Canada Liberals Seek Yoga FTW!

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Now for your Canadian political news!

Are you a Canuck who cares about politics AND yoga?

michael-ignatieffOh, we know, as if! But yogi lobes might perk up upon hearing news that liberal party leader and potential winner in the running for Canada’s Next Top Prime Minister just announced his vote for the Yog. Yep, Mister Michael “Iggy” Ignatieff practices yoga to “counter-balance” all that bothersome noise known as politics. OMG! That’s SO liberal. He’s human just like us! Or at least that’s the reaction some skeptics suspect the Iggster is trying to incite (in his efforts to follow Obama-style campaigning).

But would his being a yoga fan sway your vote? Is there an ulterior motive to this outrageously liberal divulge? We’re wondering if Tim Powers of the Globe and Mail thinks so.

His blog post is so subtle: “Yoga to give Ignatieff the win.”

Clearly, he is hoping that this open admission about yoga will spawn a consumer buying spree. Canadian retailer Lululemon will set knew retail sales marks. Pure genius by the Liberals, really, to stimulate spending this way. GST reductions being what they are, yoga mats will be flying off the shelves as rapidly as the Natural Law Party flew off the Canadian political landscape.

Really? We’re no Canadian political analysts, but we can play one on a blog! And we just think this is hilarious. And maybe… true? Is this dude a new lulu lollie online ambassador? Eh, who cares. It’s cool you’re a yogi Mr. Iggy, if that is your real name! All we got was a presidential yoga egg roll.

At least maybe now Lululemon can tattoo and exploit their own actually-a-yogi president instead of branding ours!


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