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BKS Iyengar: Back in the USSR! Er, Russia, to Meet the President

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iyengar-blogging-russian-hatYou don’t know how lucky you are, boy…

It’s a clash of the Titans! This is some pretty cool news.

So guess who gets to meet the Lion of Pune? The top dog of Russia! BKS Iyengar will be touring Russia next week, hobnobbing with President Dmitry Medvedev, an “ardent yoga practitioner,” who knew??

Iyengar’s last visit was 20 years ago during Soviet Union days. Even in 1989 there were Russian yogis, who actually had to resort to illegal photocopied versions of Light on Yoga to get their practice on. Even yoga was a covert operation!

Well, apparently that’s not the case today. Now 20 years later, Iyengar, and his team of 14 senior teachers, will be greeted by over 550 icy-palmed yoga teachers from Russia’s “thirty to forty” Iyengar studios, for a series of master classes, sponsored by Russia’s very own Yoga Journal.

Says Iyengar,

“I am looking forward to this visit, because I am very keen to see the changes that have taken place in Russia over the last twenty years.”

“I will be discussing and demonstrating yogic asanas and pranayama techniques in great detail, thus all sessions will be video documented. It will be a good gift for posterity,” he said.

Awesome! At 90 years old Guru is still droppin the posterity gifts, bless his heart. And perhaps we will be able to view those there documented recordings over here in the West? Yoga Journal?

Not that we have a burning desire to visit Russia, but we wish we could be there to experience the masterful events, and maybe witness some ice crystals forming lovingly on his Guru-ness’ bushy eyebrows?

Yoga Guru Iyengar to tour Russia, meet President [Times of India]

( that awesome pic from yogaleah.com. Russian hat: YD handywork )

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