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Yoga in Space! First Yogi Cosmonaut? Far Out

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Apologies, that title came from a higher being. It’s Monday people.

astronaut-yoga-iyengarHave you heard of Rakesh Sharma? He’s India’s first cosmonaut wing commander, and most likely the first Yogi in space. Yep, Sharma found enlightenment all right, 25 years ago in the form of zero gravity yoga. Sounds pretty awe-some. Or at least a great way to keep the freeze-dried astro-food down. We hear that’s tough even with gravity on your side.

Now he wants the next Indian star sailors to follow in his astro-yogi footsteps.

“I had practiced yoga to endure space sickness, while my two Russian colleagues had carried out their regimen for this. However, the collected data was not compared. It would be good if the next Indian cosmonaut continues zero gravity yoga practice, so that we can obtain more data,” Sharma said at a meeting with the Indian community.

Any takers? For the sake of science! We’re not Indian or we’d totally go for it. Wonder where NASA stands on this…

Rakesh Sharma for yoga in space [Times of India]

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  • Wow…I bet I could do handstands in zero gravity….

  • admin

    haha…easier than the pool! though, is it harder with less resistance? hm. so much to consider.

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