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Yoga Finally Mainstream Enough to Join Baseball Spring Training

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russell-martin-dodgers-yogaIt’s true, we’re yogadorks, not sports dorks, but we can’t help get excited about America’s favorite pastime, youtube baseball! Well, we mean especially now that the LA Dodgers have added yoga to their spring training. And who do we have to thank for his? Er, the mainstream?

Trainer Stan Conte said that if he had tried to implement something like this into a team’s workout program a decade ago, he would have been laughed out of the clubhouse.

But, Conte said, “I think yoga is mainstream now.”

Yeeaa !…Oh. Hmm.

All right, let’s not let that dampen our sportsman-like spirits! There’s yoga in baseball!

We knew Russell Martin was a fan of yoga, and awesomely so are Manny Ramirez and James Loney (we’ve heard of them!). But really it’s thanks to the insistence of strength and conditioning coach, Brendon Huttmann, that yoga was officially added to the training. And because of the great turnout (20-25 players joined in) the weekly classes have been upped to 2 per week.

“Yoga and baseball, they go hand-in-hand,” says Russell Martin. Or is that baseball and glove? Yogi Berra and pithy quotes?

Yoga is now part of Dodgers’ balancing act [LATimes]

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