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[UPDATE] ‘Yoga For Unemployed’, NYC’s Integral Yoga, Answers the Call, Asks For It

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We’re not sure we’re doing the Integral Yoga Institute any favors by posting this, but here we go…

Remember when we got all bummer pants on you and predicted having to resort to food stamps to pay for yoga, and how the do-gooders out there should start an organization benefiting “Yoga for the Unemployed” ?

Well glory be, the Integral Yoga Institute of NYC has answered our prayers.

iyi_logo_newIt’s called Yoga and Networking for the Unemployed, a FREE hatha class every Wednesday at 5:30pm. OK we admit, it’s still somewhat depressing, and maybe even embarrassing – why does an unemployed class have to be scheduled at prime time to mock us?? But hey, we commend IYI for taking on the cause. And we apologize in advance for the bum rush at the door.

Yoga and Networking for the Unemployed
Lost Your Job? Find Your SELF! Come together with others to explore yoga’s remedies for stress in troubled times. Stretching, breathing, relaxation and conversation will ease you through the challenges of life and work. This a FREE one-hour class facilitated by IYI teacher Nalini Kuhnke

Integral Yoga Institute NYC 227 W. 13th St., NY, NY

IYINY via Examiner

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  • mp

    Why would they schedule it at 5:30pm?!? Why not noon or 1pm which would give the unemployed adequate time to roll out of bed but would not interfere with buying cheap food/drinks at happy hour 🙂

  • Get’s me to thinking about doing the same with a fitness class.
    Thanks for the idea.

  • actually, I agree with you- it IS a little embarassing to have the class titled as yoga for the unemployed… they could have titled it as a “by donation” class, or “community” class. I have a job and still have a hard time affording weekly yoga classes. I find myself “community class” hopping all week- along with attending lulu’s free classes (even though I am not really a fan of Lulu…). Sigh.

  • or how about Kula Yoga’s “recession special” advertised on Yoga City?

    “RECESSION SPECIAL: Kula Yoga. We love Kula, because they love us …even jobless. To prove it, unemployed people pay only $14 class. Good karma.”

    Oh yea! Just $14!


  • Sarah

    There are places in the City that offer great Yoga Classes by donation. I teach at Sonic Yoga (9th ave and 50th st) every wednesday at 2pm and it is by donation! Alot of my students are out of work or just simply can’t afford expensive classes. So grab your mat and come over to Sonic and donate a couple of bucks. It will inspire and rejuvenate you!

  • I am in Decatur GA, a suburb of Atlanta, and I offer classes for $8-$10 suggested donation…but give what you can. No one is turned away due to ability to donate. yet, it is still hard to get people to commit..they cancel at the last moment, often I teach 2 people a 90 minute semi private class…I get a few bucks to help offset my heating bill and they get what is usually a $75 to $100 private session for $5-$10 each. I can’t help but think that if I keep offering yoga for ALL bodies, then it just has to be a good thing!

  • Our yoga spa in Chicago has been doing a similar program for a few weeks and has been successful!

    Here’s the info:
    Out of work? Laid off? Taking a buyout? Self-employed with little work? For everyone who finds themselves “in between” jobs, you are not alone!You need to take a break from stressing out over it. Breathe, stretch out, and meetup with other talented, smart, creative people who are rowing in the same boat.In Between Yoga is a weekly “pay what you can” meetup group for yoga, tea, and socialization @ Infuse Yoga Spa in Lincoln Park. We meet from 2-3:15pm on Thursdays for stress-relieving, empowering yoga appropriate for all levels of experience (even none)! Our goal is to create a support network in order to enable you to use this “free time on your hands” to your advantage and improve your well being physically, mentally, and energetically.

    Infuse Yoga Spa is located at 2536 N. Halsted St.

    For more information, you can visit http://www.meetup.com/Chicago-In-Between-Yoga

  • Allison

    free laugh yoga in NYC also available

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