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This Week in Yoga: Dude, It’s for the Dogs!

in This Week in Yoga

Happy Friday Everyone! Happy holidays! Happy Happy!


What a week…our muscles are rippling from all the macho talk. (huh?) Dudes and dogs, we hope you’re listening.

Here’s what happened this week in yoga:

Oh so many pestering questions to deal with… like:

Are YOU Man Enough to Do Yoga? OR will the Yoga Fighters have to give you a knuckle sandwich? Or will Officer (Yogi) Mann have to throw you in the slammer!?

After which you can check out our fave new specific needs yoga organization A Red Lotus, who can maybe help you out with that knuckle sandwich indigestion.

doga-wheelbarrowAnd obviously the most important,  is Doga a Frisky Business of Risky Fad? Just ask this pup ->

Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you may be celebrating! (maybe it’s getting your taxes done finally, slackers!)

PS. Our “Yoga Is My Bailout” tshirts… are still on sale! also available wholesale to you teachers and studios out there.

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  • Great minds think alike! I saw this link on NY Times and had to post about it too. From your perspective, is this a risky fad? I can’t imagine getting a dog into triangle pose or half lotus.

    Love your blog btw…

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