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First Rule of Yoga For Fighters: Do Not Talk About It Being Girlie (You Might Lose a Limb)

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Again, this is totally Macho Man Yoga Week…and nobody warned us!

We mentioned Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts the other day. This yoga thing has really helped with breathing techniques and flexibility – important things when your face is smooshed into a mat and your arms and legs are locked around someone else’s torso. And just when we were seriously starting to wonder if  “you’re man enough to do yoga,”  Police Officer Mann (!) slapped us with his yoga night stick and set us straight.


So of course it’s only suiting that today we come across the manliest of tough guy yoga practices. Introducing Yoga For Fighters! POW! Maybe you’ve already heard of it, there are DVDs for sale yo.  Seriously, after viewing the video clip and website we think it’s actually kind of cool. Also, it’s rooted in Ashtanga  – founder Phil Migliarese was authorized to teach by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in India in 1998.


So all right,  yoga wasn’t intended to take on the frilly My Little Pony image it managed to adopt in the West. And we know guys don’t need to do roundhouse kicks and one arm push ups in yoga class to prove their masculinity. But you know what, it doesn’t hurt (that much) to entice the strapping gentlemen with a harder setting and real dude yoga teachers.  Besides, we happen to know some jiu-jitsu-ers and they’re pretty compassionate fellows who support each other in their own  community, where they can be themselves and feel at home. And it doesn’t have to be gay OR girlie. Doesn’t yoga lend itself to that, or really any kind of culture?

What it truly boils down to is, call it whatever you want big guys!

ps. and maybe not all women enjoy the stench of burning incense and ooey gooey purple overkill. So there. You might notice some of those gals in the Y4F class.


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  • Andy

    yoga for this, yoga for that. Let’s copyright our faces off!

  • wow, Samsara is very sneaky…. what happens in a fighter Yoga class when you flirt with someone’s girlfriend….. wham bam thats my girl man, Namaste?

  • Love this Post… LOL

    This system took me more than 5 years of studying to create. I analyzed the movements and issues of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts fighters. After isolating the major needs and limitations of the average fighter, I then sorted through the thousands of postures from many different styles of yoga.

    This program is not a hybrid Martial arts/yoga/dance blend. This is a yoga series that can stand on its own. Its focus is towards helping fighters, but the average person can take the class. It is no harder than an hour long ashtanga class taught at a slower pace.

  • Oh, and thanks for the kind words

  • “yoga for this, yoga for that. Let’s copyright our faces off!”

    right on.

    I’ve looked at books like “Yoga for Golfers”, “Yoga for Runners”, “Yoga for Baseball”, “Yoga for Pancake Flippers” and I gotta tell ya — it’s all the same.

    It’s all the same poses just put into different sequences.

    But they’re making the dough and I’m not, so who’s the dope…..

  • rob roselli

    I just purchased this DVD and I can’t wait to try it out!
    I have been training jiu jitsu for about 10 months and i have wanted to add yoga into my training for the breathing and flexibility aspects. Good job Phil, next time I’m in Philly I hope to make it in for a class.

  • I belong to where Yoga began. And if anyone is interested, he may search YouTube for “Baba Ramdev”.

    Since last 6-7 year this seer has made yoga unbelievably simple and reachable to the people even in India where it was too complex and made into a dough making machine.

    Just check out what I said!!

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