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BREAKING: Police Officer “Mann” Practices Yoga, Remains Macho

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Oh, we’re sorry, were you looking for a manly man who does yoga? Does a burly police officer count?

ryan-mann-yoga-copDes Moines, Iowa: Ryan Mann is a member of the local fuzz, keeping the bad boys (bad boys, whatcha gonna do) in line. He also practices AND teaches yoga while astoundingly retaining his manhood. His last name is Mann for crying out loud! Of course this utterly confuses both his yoga students and fellow members of the force. Because seriously, it is baffling, how can he be a tough police officer and a yoga girlie man?

“It’s an oxymoron to me,” said Meredith Olson of Clive, who takes yoga from Mann on Friday mornings.
“They are 180 degrees out of phase,” Mann said. “I think it’s the dichotomy I love so much.”

Well, we don’t know, are they so out of synch? We’d like to believe police officers endeavor to keep both their physical bodies and minds sharp and nimble. Besides, Mr. Mann teaches what we’ve come to tolerate as boot camp yoga – meaning lots of reps and “a more in-your-face style”. (still manly, see?)

“There are a lot of really good yoga instructors in the city,” Mann said. “I’m not sure I’m one of them. But it’s a practice. Every day it continues to get better.”

The art is more than just a way to stay fit for Mann. He also finds real value in the spiritual aspects of yoga, especially its directive to focus on the present. Most people know him as being a bit high strung, but yoga gives him patience, he said.

Oh right, a little thing called patience (and balance) that perhaps even the macho-ist of men could stand to improve, especially those on the force!

(er.. maybe you’ve thought the same as Mr. friendly officer is writing your ticket? heh)

Yoga helps officer stay flexible in body and mind [Des Moines Register]

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  • Are they, erm, dumb bells either side of his mat?

    I read the article. Says “the other students in the class asked Mann to lead while she was gone“?? What the?

    At least he’s doing ‘Boot camp yoga’ – proves he still has a penis.

  • He will at least have good judgement on the street…<3

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