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‘A Red Lotus’ Blooms for Specific Needs Yoga in NYC

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a-red-lotusAs some of you know, there do come occasions when we yogadorks are actually able to tuck aside the snickity jib jabs and show our true gratitude for the world’s Yoga Heroes. (we know, it’s tough for all of us!) Today we’d like to present the honorary title to an awesome organization budding in NYC called A Red Lotus.  The mission in their own words:

A Red Lotus is a new and emerging endeavor offering a web site with information about specific needs yoga classes in NYC, local workshops and events related to specific needs yoga, instructors offering private lessons for people with specific needs, and much more. Listings at the site result from research and from people contacting the site; no fees are charged or accepted.

What are specific needs? Anything from back care, to HIV, Cancer, Yoga for seniors, Yoga for depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s, and the list goes on.

Yoga for special and specific needs has gained lots of momentum recently, thanks largely to the hard work of orgs like YogaBear, benefactors like Donna Karan and all the yoga mentors out there who endeavor to improve the lives of others.  A Red Lotus really has their work cut out, and we’re proud to be advocates of advocacy.

Go to the website ARedLotus.org to learn more, find a class,  or submit info.

They also have a facebook page

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  • Nice. I love hearing about things like this. I also kind of wonder when health insurance companies will begin to offer coverage for yoga.

  • This site is amazing and I’m so glad you featured it! great works being done here!

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