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Ultimate Fighters Get the Yoga Reach Around

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Now for your Monday Ultimate Fighting Championship news…

Hey, we’ve seen what happens in the Kung Fu Vs. Yoga battle, right? (“I’m rubber, you’re glue!” -skip to the end you’ll see)

What if martial arts and yoga could be friends? Ultimate fighters and yogis?


We found a fun little news bit highlighting the forbidden love/hate between mixed martial arts and the yog. Montana’s Straight Blast Gym* encourages their “everyday” fightin’ dudes to participate in Iyengar yoga, a practice they look to at least two to three times a week for tips on breathing techniques, flexibility, joint structures and defense maneuvers. The students of Brazilian jiu-jitsu benefit especially as the Judo-born discipline already places a lot of emphasis on posture and position… and being grounded. (heh, you know cause it’s ground fighting? oh, nevermind).

Mixed martial arts has spread faster than ringworm in popularity thanks to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) – not exactly the most obvious of yogicly- inspired sports. But if we’ve learned anything from Diamond Dallas Page, it’s that yoga’s for everyone(!), even regular guys (who like boobs?). Yes, we realize professional wrestling is different, sheesh.

And the love/hate? It’s all good.

I look at it like: Football players do ballet, we do yoga,” said student Dale Joy.

Fellow fighter, 28-year-old mechanic Zack Dickson adds, “I don’t like it,” he said with a smirk. “But I do it.”

And that’s even without the “T and A”!

*(in unrelated news we have no idea the inspiration behind the “Straight Blast” name)

[Flathead Beacon]

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