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Jenny McCarthy Betrothed to Bikram, Botox

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jenny_mccarthy_shape_magJenny McCarthy’s been touring the press rounds this week in promotion of her new book, “Healing and Preventing Autism,”  a subject matter both personal (her son was diagnosed) and seriously pertinent to many other parents out there.  But what everyone really wants to know is,  how does she keep her buff bunny bod?? What does she think about botox?

The answer to the first:  Bikram Yoga.

“That’s Bikram yoga and also healthy food,” McCarthy said of her svelte figure on the cover of Shape.

“Jim is absolutely in love with Bikram yoga and he’s never tried it, strictly on the fact he loves the way my butt looks, although he would love me, I think, (at) 250 pounds,” McCarthy smiled.

Adding in Shape, “I give it six months before I find him twisted into a pretzel!” Jimbo, her “husband” that is. But forget it now since he’s on a mission to gain 30-40 pounds to play curly in a Three Stooges remake (really). (though Bikram could make a good Larry, no?)

Ms. McCarthy was also photoshoppedgraphed for the May cover of Shape mag (obvs).  Joining the ranks of hot Celebriyogi moms.

Oh yeah, and botox? She’s all for it.

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