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[Because It’s April, Fools!] Yoga Journal Prudently Hires Guest Editor, ‘Inappropriate Yoga Guy’

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Yogadorks…meet your new Yoga Journal Guest Editor, Ogden! The Inappropriate Yoga Guy!

Says Patricia Fox, Yoga Journal’s General Manager, “It’s no secret that in this economy, magazines have taken a hit. We are certain that Ogden’s unique character and consistent record of thinking outside the box will not only increase revenue, but also bring tens of thousands of new users and readers to our website and magazine.”

Props to Yoga Journal for joining team funny and making the auspicious decision to hire the self-made guru of gropiness. The video is pretty hilarious, and we look forward to the next episode (it’s a 5-part series).

See the trailer below, full episode at www.yogajournal.com/ogden/episode1

If you’re unaware, Ogden has been a disrupting yoga offender for almost 2 years now. Watch the video that started it all.

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  • I was happy to see Yoga Journal featuring the Inappropriate Yoga Guy, since I think he’s funny and that the more humor can be injected into the at-time-overly-serious yoga world, the better. However, I wasn’t so happy to realize that Ogden was the ONLY male yogi pictured in the entire most recent issue of yoga journal….

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