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Equinox NYC Now Hiring! (wear your armor)

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Attention Struggling NY Yoga Teachers! Dust off your best 2-3 minutes of material. The ever buoyant Equinox is forging its way through the recession and hiring teachers for early mornings and BOTH Sat and Sun.  Rough sched, but could be solid if you’re looking for gigs.  For fans of Pure, sounds like it’s just Equinox gyms, but maybe you can rub the right elbow. (and the left for good luck).   Via Yogoer

The audition will be held Tuesday 3/31 2pm at the Equinox @19th St and Broadway. Please show up between 1:30-2:00pm and sign in at the front desk where you will be asked to show ID. The audition will be held on the 2nd floor Main Studio. Our auditions are held in a round robin format and will be moderated by Sarra Morton, one of our GFM’s. Your audition will last only 2-3 minutes depending on the turnout. We will try to get you all out by 4pm. Mats are provided unless you prefer to bring your own.

We are looking for those instructors who have at least 3 early mornings available (6:30-8am) to pick up regular classes AND BOTH Saturday and Sunday (9-6pm) available. Please do not attend this audition if you are not available for both these times. We have no daytime or evening weekday available classes.

Our auditions are a lot of fun, so no need to be nervous, just come with a smile.

No need to RSVP and please hold all questions till the audition.

Good luck! Be careful! With the onslaught of training grads entering the force, we’re hoping it doesn’t turn out like this:

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  • an “audition”? WTF?!?

  • admin

    Yep, that’s what they call it. Maybe an urban thing? To get hired you need to “audition” as in try-out.

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