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Earth Hour Every Hour, No Joke! (just kidding)

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Did you take part in Earth Hour? Many energy-mongers all over the world switched it off for an hour this past Saturday. While some say it was a great concerted effort to conserve, others are cynical saying it was pretty much a joke just to make us feel better about ourselves. Totally. We’re gonna say it’s both. Does one day, Earth Day, of planting buds and picking up candy wrappers counter all the harm we do the other 364? No one’s going to ditch electricity any time soon (although with space storms and other celestial threats, some do argue for going off the grid).

Earth hour was an experiment of sorts, to raise awareness and get people excited (which they tweeted about even if their computers probably should’ve been turned off!), and of course we should all do more in our daily lives. We’re going to say it. Earth hour is every hour! Wow, we do feel better. Above, a stunning pic of the Empire State Building just before and after 8:30pm on Saturday night. Most stunning to us was that they even participated. Way to go NYC! (even that neighboring skyscraper took a time out).

Today’s lesson? Do what you can.

Continued reading… Earth Hour is a Joke – Gwen Bell [elephantjournal]

Awesome pics of cities around the globe! -> Earth Hour 2009 Notice NY is not included, still we are proud.

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  • Obviously Earth Hour is not about the energy we save during that one hour, it is about the awareness it creates. Maybe we will think twice about having all the lights on in the bedroom as we are sitting in the living room, maybe we will be just a little more aware about frivolous use of excess wattage during the holidays or become a little more interested in alternate energy forms like solar. The more people talk, report, blog, Twitter about energy conservation, the more we are likely to incorporate it into our lives. I recently saw an episode of Oprah where a woman really tuned in to her energy usage and as she unplugged everything before she left the house each morning and was conscious about her usage while at home, she saved THOUSANDS of dollars in a year. There’s your vacation money right there!

  • Fidelia Brockell

    Reports show that the United States topped the Earth Hour participation with an estimated 80,000,000 people, 318 cities and 8 states participating. The Philippines saw participation from 647 cities and towns or over 15 million Filipinos were estimated to have joined in the hour-long lights-off at 8:30 – 9:30 PM local time. This was followed by Greece with 484 cities and towns participating, and Australia with 309.:’

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