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UPDATE: Old Navy’s Anti-Lululemon Ad Confirmed National Campaign

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oldnavy-lulu-ad-closeupUPDATE:  We mentioned Old Navy’s laying down the chutzpa with their new lulu-slappin “Goga” ad. Well, we have confirmation that the ad is indeed part of a sweeping national campaign – we saw it with our own little eyeballs at an NYC Old Navy store yesterday. (photo by official YD undercover agent)

Yoga Journal politely wonders if maybe they could be using an abbreviated version of “looney” rather than attacking Lululemon. heh. We kinda just think the Chipster should have spent a little more time premeditating on the name of his pricey yoga-inspired clothing company.

PS. The yoga items are surprisingly well-constructed (by Old Navy standards) and cheap – we bought a yoga top on sale for 10 bucks. also, there’s a just as large running/walking section. So far, no word on how great the pants make your ass look. Reports surely to follow.

One more thing. This does seem like a major appeal to the female market, once again, with not much attention to dudes.

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  • I love Old Navy yoga clothes. However, if I HAD $90 (or $63 for that matter) to spend on yoga pants, I would rather give it to cool companies like Matter Yoga who make beautiful organic yoga clothing right here in the US of A.

  • I get most of my workout wear, including yoga gear at Old Navy. I appreciate Lululemon’s advertising, but I’m not paying their prices, period. I think this is hilarious and long overdue.

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