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This Week in Yoga: Springing from Darkness to Light

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multi-springsGood day sunshine! Happy Spring everyone…we made it! Let’s hope the rest of the year follows today’s progression…from murky cold to beautiful sunshine. Can’t say it hasn’t been a clouded pensive week here at YD…

let’s review This Week in Yoga…

Deep in the gray we wondered whether or not yoga mags will survive the economic crisis, with only just a few still standing and many migrating to higher ground online. [Are All Yoga Mags Approaching Extinction?]

Taking a booze break, we donned green beer goggles for St. Paddy’s and enjoyed the best of Bikram’s colorful quote-making mouth (and lucky charms: atom bomb balls), courtesy of YogaDawg.

With AIG bailouts on everyone’s brain we couldn’t help pondering the state of the yoga union, and the outlook for yoga teachers doesn’t seem so sunny. [Teaching Yoga, the New Waiting Tables for the Non-Rich]

And then there was  a beacon of yoga business success…the secret’s too good to be true.[Cult of Commerciality: Lululemon’s Agenda of  ‘Calculated Nonchalance’ At Yoga’s Expense]

It wasn’t all bad news though. There is still some Recession-Resilience! [Bits of the Day: Baba Ramdev Yoganomics; Pure Yoga Expanding!]

And Parker Posey is an Ashtanga Yogi.

That’s a wrap…enjoy your “affordable escapism” outdoors this weekend! Have a good one.

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  • alli

    hi yogadork:) cool site.
    i attended my very first bikram yoga class this morning and I was wondering..is it too much to do bikram and then some type of cardio on the same day? i usually run or do ellipticals…and i think yoga is a good way for me to stretch but i woudl still like to get some type of cardio in. Or should i alternate? one day bikram next day cardio…?

  • admin

    hi alli..thanks so much! sorry for delay, I remembered this comment and wanted to respond. congrats on your first class! (hope you’ve been back to yoga since). In my non medical opinion you really just need to listen to your body -some days you’re beat and some days after yoga you want to run the marathon. Check in with yourself. Yoga really digs in to the body on all levels so if it were me I might skip the cardio til the next day. We all need to give ourselves time to recoup too or stress will succeed. See how you feel, but don’t push. yoga is working you out more than you may think 🙂

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