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[Bits of the Day] India’s ‘Arogya Mela’; Studio Owner Plays 20 Questions; StayAtHome Yogatainment

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ayurveda-traditionalPersevering in Preservation: In continued a effort to effectively preserve the booty of Indian culture, from pillaging pirates of the West, the event, er the four-day mega event called ‘Arogya Mela’  is underway in Ludhiana, India. For the second year in a row, the fair is intended to promote awareness of traditional Indian medicine systems, including Ayurveda, Unani and Homoeopathy, and to provide a platform for manufacturers of Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicines to showcase their products. Live yoga demos and lectures abound. But don’t you Western scallywags think you can just take home the goodie bag unscathed.

“The world is keen to adopt the Indian traditional systems like Ayurveda and yoga. The land where Ayurveda originated thus cannot afford to lag behind,” says Praveen Kumar Mittal Senior Assistant Director of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). [Express India]

Yoga Studio Owners, They’re Just Like Us! Christi Joseph, 29, is the owner of TRU Yoga, a power yoga center in Rochester, NY. Besides the cheesy poof answer to ‘what moment would you relive?’ (“None — the past is the past. I am looking forward to all that’s in the present and future”) she’s just a normal gal who enjoys her some pasta dinners, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and a margarita hangover. As unremarkable as the rest of us! But you can still read her answers to 20 questions if you want. [Democrat and Chronicle]

wii-at-home-etnertainmentStay At Home Fams Try Yogatainment: Families are spending more time at home, because no one has any money! Wholesome home-fried activities like video games and online gaming are occupying the kidlets nowadays, because they’re more affordable than trips to Disney (is this news?). Netflix trumps going to the movies and old board games are being rescued for ransom from the dust bunny hostage takers. All in an effort to find ‘affordable escapism’. With all that homegrown hanging out parents are saving dollars with fitness at home too, including yoga practice. The article mentions a surge in Rodney Yee DVD sales and the Gaiam Yoga Club, but we have a suspicion it’s more like Wii Fit. [CNN]

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  • yuvaraj

    we want yoga demo photos at Arogya-2010,held at chennai trade centre.

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