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[BOTD] Recession-Resilience Edition: Baba Ramdev Yoganomics; Pure Yoga Expanding!

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Baba Ramdev Unveils His Yoganomics Plan: He’s a one man wonder!

Employees of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) were treated to some quality Swamster time recently during their very own special Ramdev Yoga Camp. Not content with politics, technology, curing everything in the world, Ramdev threw his Economist hat into the ring. Speaking on the yog of recession:

“Yoga will teach you that work is religion, work is worship and sitting idle is a sin. When we work towards attaining goals of our life, we would be able to sail through all economic crises. When we understand that working and doing business is a religion in itself and working for the betterment of our country is also our responsibility, all of us would be happy.”

Interesting, and oddly inspiring sentiment, but we’re not sure slinging the “R” word around will work so well for the Western cowboys.

Also, someone get this guy a “Yoga Is My Bailout” tee.  [OneIndia]

pureyogagrass4Pure Yoga Expansion: What Recession?: Speaking of Western cowboys, Pure Yoga has apparently lassoed enough aspiring yogis to sustain their luxury lifestyle. And the behemoth is hungry for more! With massive partner Equinox hopping and skipping through these Recession-fitness times, Pure Yoga is set to expand from its Upper East Side mega-yoga center to more locations in NYC, LA and other parts of Southern CA. Middle America, you’re still safe. For  now. Be warned Boston and D.C.

Equinox CEO, Harvey Spevak chalks up their success to gobbledygook the continued demand for and their supply of  “state-of-the-art fitness clubs with highly skilled professionals, innovative programming and fair pricing.”  And rich people.  [PR Newswire press release]

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  • and how much do they pay their yoga teachers? snarky minds want to know.

  • admin

    Linda – great question. we’ll send the drones to sniff it out and see what turns up. best guess is not much more than other studios. there’s lots of crossover teachers who work elsewhere.

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